High want at the moment

I would like to get this promo in psa 10 worthy condition ungraded if anybody has one please pm me thank u

Is that a holo or promo version? I am sure I have some of that card in Japanese, since I bought a lot of Japanese boxes in that era. They had that card in more then 1 set if I am not mistaken. PM me.

its a battle road promo holo

Ok, sorry, I just have pack version and could not tell from the photo.

its cool thanks thoe.

do u know how rare the card is? It’s a nice card like the artwork a lot. Hopefully we can both get it in psa 10 soon. I just bought one but it’s in like psa 7 maybe 8 condition.

I got one that looks like a good chance at 10. At the very least it should get a 9. I will grade it and let you know the outcome.

Didn’t realise its artwork is by Ken Sugimori.

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I woke up super early to study for a test today and read the title as “High at the moment.” Needless to say, I expected far worse opening this thread.

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I just did the same thing lol

What makes this card so rare?

It was only given out to people who were in a battle road tournament in japan in July 2007. So there can’t be to awful many of these cards around maybe a few thousand I’m guessing I may be wrong thoe. They don’t seem to sell very often either. I talked to noodles today he said it is a very rare promo.

sry it was given to winners in the summer 2007 July battle roads. Source bulbapedia

I already am lol

i really like the promos from 2007 time space distortion being my favorite thoe that is next on my psa 10 promo hit list

i went threw quite a few pages under promo nothing either

Got the Tine Space Distortion Promo in PSA10 and also Cynthia’s Feelings in PSA10. :blush: These are really nice cards to collect and it still won’t break your wallet. :blush:

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Cynthia’s fellings is a very nice card. JP jun on eBay has one u just have to message him last time I talked to him he wanted just over 300 for it. Time space distortion comes up once in awhile for sale I just always miss the auction :slightly_frowning_face:

Just bought this from ebirdman time space distortion psa 10 overpaid but it’s ok nice card s1288.photobucket.com/user/boydtravis99/media/51EB9EEF-D2BD-4CCE-BE46-0481F7E7C349_zpsezdrkmus.jpg.html

I’m sure we can work something out. :blush: