Hi everyone from Italy!

My name is Simon and I’m from Italy. I’m a collector of Pokémon cards since 1999 when I known the existence of Pokémon trading card game in Italy. I’m only collecting cards in Mint or better condition and two years ago a friend in the United States began to help me to send my cards to PSA. I believe many people “famous” on this forum know Ed (ebirdman), he still helps me with sending cards to PSA and then I would like to thank him for all the work he do for me.
If any member would to buy any sort of stuff from italy, just contact me! I would be glad to help people with their purchases.
Thanks, Simon aka PokemonCenter_Italy
P.S. sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome to the community! It’s always great to add new foreign members to the community as they bring along all new resources and knowledge about Pokemon in their area. I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


Welcome here. If you have questions please ask:)

Hello, I am in Florence Italy for two weeks, and I was wondering if there was anywhere I could buy some Pokemon cards? I will also be going to Rome next weekend. If you know of any stores, could you please let me know their addresses? I am looking for my little brother as a gift for his birthday and am failing miserably.

Thanks! :blush:

Welcome Simon! I kind of have a connection to Italy, because I have italian roots and still have an italian last name :blush: I will be in Italy during my holiday in July for two weeks at the Lago di Garda.
Like nickruns already asked, i’d also be happy for any informations :blush:

Hi, I’m from north of Italy. I searched the internet but I found a few results. I found in Florence “Fumetti e altre storie” address: via U. della Faggiola 17 rosso web: www.fumettiealtrestorie.it
I found in Rome “Maremoto” address: Via Duilio 5 Quartiere: Prati
but you can find some booster at the tobacco shop, bookshops and toy stores.

hi, as the previous message you can find some booster pack and deck at tobacco shop, bookshops and toy stores. I do not know any specific shop for only trading card game, sorry.

Welcome to the community :blush: Yet another fantastic addition to our growing number of members :blush:

hay man see your ebay i would like to do a ttrade with you if thats alright i need the chinese starters you have :blush: i will need to trade in a psa 8 chinese 1st edition charizard and blastoise plus i have some others along the same lines its mostly a condition upgrade

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