HG&SS Tins

A bunch of HG&SS tins just dropped to $17~ on Amazon, all sold and shipped by amazon. Only caveat is ships in 1-3 months. Some have platinum, HG&SS, and other older packs. Think an order on any of these will get filled?

As someone who has had these on order for a while…I HIGHLY doubt these will be filled after talking to multiple amazon reps. Add in the hundreds or most likely thousands of others who have seen these in the past 2 months, the chances are most likely zero.

I actually ordered one of these for fun just to see what would happen. I waited two months and on the day it was supposed to arrive I got an (I’m assuming automated) message saying I needed to approve an extension for about another month. That was actually last week. I canceled the order instead because a part of me was thinking that even if the order did ship…well, there are many things I could receive that are not quite what I wanted. Especially after reading the latest feedback given over a year ago. I know I could probably just return it if it wasn’t correct, but I don’t really want to deal with the hassle.