Help with Pokemon watches


My dad had a friend who went to Japan a long while ago and he picked up these watches. He wants me to find out what they’re worth. Problem is, I know nothing about them. So, if anyone does, could you help out? Thanks :grin:

You can find images here: Watches

Sorry i don’t have any info but they look so awesome.

Pokemon Center watches — I have a few of these in my warehouse. I can’t quite remember how much they cost, but they weren’t terribly expensive.

Definitely worth hanging on to those. They’re beautiful!

Unfortunately, they also remind me of a bad experience from my toy store days.

In the late 1990s, we had a client from the States who had placed several orders from us. He ran a game store, always paid his invoices, and he seemed like a good guy. Then, after about a year of doing business with him, he traveled to Japan to meet me in person. My wife and I treated him to a couple of really nice dinners, and I also showed him around Tokyo.

And, as a gift, I gave him a set of Pokemon watches.

Before he left Japan, he placed another large order for about $3,000 in booster boxes, which he carried with him on his flight home. He told me he’d wire me the money when he got back.

I never received his payment, and for the next year or so he dodged my phone calls to his store (the clerks always told me he was “out”), and he never answered my emails. After that, I just stopped trying.

The guy’s store is still in business, by the way. Top Deck Games in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I don’t know if he’s the owner anymore. But if he is, I hope he’s still enjoying his watches.

My guess, though, is that the greedy ba$tard pawned them the second he got off the plane.

I shared this with some Kaijudo players, as Oklahoma is one of the biggest Kaijudo areas. If it makes you feel any better, a group of players just switched card stores. :wink:

Nice – thanks!

Two thumbs up :grin:

If i had 3 thumbs up they would be up :stuck_out_tongue: That’s a really shitty thing to have happen and I’m sorry to hear about it