What should i get for my birthday gift to myself?

Beats Pills 2.0 Or Bose SoundLink® Mini BLUETOOTH® Speaker?

Go Bose.

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Yeah Bose for the quality… but then i saw this and made me think of the beats

Quality is a better investment than novelty for this kind of money, in my opinion.

But I would understand opting to have that awesome speaker holder.

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Beats is all hyped up branding. My beats headphones lasted about 2 weeks before dying. TWICE! And the Bose sound quality and build is much better.

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There is absolutely no comparison. Although Apple owns Beats now, their quality is nowhere near Apple standards.

Bose is just miles ahead in comparison.

Sure they’re over the ear but my new Oppo PM-3s (with planar magnetic drivers) are simply the best sound, outside of a studio, I’ve ever heard. Totally sick…

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For some odd reason…I have never been able to stand the feeling of ear phones, ear plugs, headphones, ear buds, or earmuffs on my ears. It drives me crazy!

LOL its late.