Wearable Fitness Trackers

Which ones do you recommend? I have the Charge HR 1, but I hate it. Great tracker, but the material is flawed. Mine is falling apart (The rubber is peeling off the tracker) after 4 months. I’m looking for a new one since I’m out of warranty

Is the Garmin out of price range? It was for me when I bought my Apple Watch.

All of my colleagues bought the Garmin and swear by it. I couldn’t justify the “2 booster box” price difference lol


which garmin are you talking about?

Fenix 5. (fenix 5 | Outdoor GPS Watch | Garmin Australia)

I work in the military and these are seen to be pretty awesome.

I honestly couldn’t justify the price tag, because the fitness tracking aspects I need were covered by the Apple Watch.

Garmin 235 Forerunner is highly recommended. Decent price for a great product. Comes in many colours

The garmin trackers, are they waterproof or water resistant?

I feel as though we could spiral into an endless amount of questions mate :slight_smile:

Click the link I provided above as it’s the product page and will have all the details.

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Isn’t it obvious? The Pokewalker of course!