Apple Watch -- Thoughts? Opinions? Discussion!

Hi all! Recently the Apple Watch was announced and although they are a bit late to the smart watch party, they have certainly caught a bit of attention with the public eye. Will anyone here be getting one of these? I am thinking about it myself, but having to recharge a watch kinda defeats the purpose for me.

As a Swiss guy I only like real watches… Swiss made of course :blush:


Even though everyone had a fairly good idea of what was going to be brought up at the “Apple Live” event yesterday, I still found it really interesting…

Personally, I can not wait to buy the new iPhone 6 Plus!!! The amount of new technology in that iPhone - even compared to the 5S - is incredible!

As far as the Apple Watch goes; it’s SO MUCH MORE than a simple watch. For myself at least, the actual “watch” is just an “extra”. The fitness capabilities with the new Apple Watch are really impressive as well as the new Maps functions for when you’re walking around city-areas. However, as far as purchasing one when it’s released come 2015, I don’t think I would. For me, this is not a “must have” item. I’d rather spend my money on the new iPhone :grin:

I’ll just stick with my ipad for now

Samsung did it.

Samsung did it!

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I would rather have a real watch myself, but Apple Pay (with the watch) sounds so nice.

Except that in the world of consumer electronics, being the first to release something rarely equates with being the best. Usually, it means just the opposite — first to market, but the product is crap.

In any case, I haven’t worn a watch for nearly 20 years, and I doubt I would now. At least, not on a regular basis. But if the Apple Watch has the Nike+ fitness tracking program built in, I might get one strictly for fitness use. (I’ve logged more than 20,000 Nike+ miles over the past decade.)

I won’t know for sure, though, until they are released.

I’m definitely NOT a fan of the larger iPhones. I was even reluctant to upgrade from the iPhone 4 to the slightly larger 5s. I hope that when Apple refreshes the iPhone at this time next year, the “s” in iPhone 6s will stand for “significantly smaller.”

I really don’t want a phone that is so large I need a man-purse in which to carry it.


Yes it did… quite badly. :blush:


I talked to a friend about this, and he said something that I think was perfect in summing up smart watches in general:

“Smart watches are just going to end up being notification screens for your phone with a few bells and whistles like maps.”

I prefer Swiss Cheese instead of Apple. :wink:

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