Help me Authenticate This Shadowless Charizard please

So I recently sold this card on Ebay, and posted it to the buyer today.
He messaged and wondered if I was able to guarantee the card is not a fake. I’ve searched through my old posts here, but couldn’t find one where I had shared the detailed photos with you guys.

Looks good!

Yeah looks fine

If your buyer is concerned, you can point out some of the features on yours that support it being authentic, like coloration, holo pattern, and font/font size.

It looks good!

This card didn’t meet the threshold for ebay’s authentication service? I wouldn’t sell a card this valuable on ebay without it going to their authentication first, just so you’re covered if the buyer tries any funny business.

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My guess is seller and buyer are not in US

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Yup, we are in Australia.
Didn’t know about Ebay’s authentication service. Just looked it up:
“On, Authenticity Guarantee is currently available for certain brands of sneakers and handbags, but may be expanded in the future.”

He should have asked before purchasing it.