Real / Fake Charizard Check?

Hey folks, new here. Haven’t touched a Pokemon card for probably 25 years. Came across a First Edition Shadowless Charizard and just want to see if I could get the communities help on figuring out if this is legit or not and a potential grade for it.

I tried doing some research. From what I could tell, everything looks about right to me. But I just want to get extra eyes on it.


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From the images, nothing jumps out at me suggesting it’s not real

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I agree with pfm. The card looks authentic to me. Regarding a grade, it’s hard to know without looking at the surface. If there is a dent, it will auto 6 at PSA. If the holo surface is riddled with print lines and scratches, it will knock it down a few points. Expect PSA 5-6 and hope for PSA 7-8.

If you live in the U.S. and the seller can go through eBay, you’ll get the card authenticated by CGC through eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee. You might have to pay a little more to incentivize the seller if they’re banking on low third party transaction fees, but the piece of mind may be worth it if it’s available to you.

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Nothing obvious stands out to me about this, it looks legit

Nice zard bro

Looks good to me! Nice!