Hello All! I'm New here ^_^

Okay so I made a couple other threads already, but I shoulda made this one first.

My name is Melissa, I’m 21, and live in Atlantic City NJ.
My favorite colors are black and red.
Favorite type is Fire
Favorite Pokemon #59 Arcanine, I also really like Blaziken
I’m a long time Pokemon fan and have played almost every Pokemon game out there. ALMOST.
I’ve been collecting cards since I was little probably about when the gameboy color first came out.
With the arrival of the new Pokemon X & Y im quite upset, I sold my 3DS recently :confused: big mistake. Oh well.

I’m an artist of sorts too, I like drawing, I cant paint tho.
I LOOOOVE creating works of art in Minecraft and am apart of an awesome server called DuncsWeb which im also a staff member on there. :slight_smile: Chat Mod, so I make sure people arent spamming, advertising other servers, and I watch for people cursing because its a family friendly server so cursing is a NO NO!
All my art and minecraft stuff is on devientart.com

If there’s a way to post pictures on here please let me know, I’d love to show off my pokemon card collection and art work here too for everyone to enjoy :slight_smile:

Ummmm thats all I can really say about myself, but I’d really like to become really active on this site and make some awesome Pokemon loving friends :heart_eyes: :slight_smile:

You can post pictures by uploading an image onto a image site (ie imgur, photobucket, etc) and then click the reply tab … click the photo icon and paste the link on the url and click done.

Walah you just posted a picture.

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Thumbs up and a warm welcome :wink:

This hurts really bad when you speak French :grin:

By the way I suggest getting yourself a Flickr! account. Several members of this forum are already registered and that makes it easy to follow each other’s collections without spamming posts on the forum for every single new addition! It works just like photobucket for example just with a better design imo :sunglasses: (They don’t pay me for saying this :rofl:)


Hi Melissa, I hope you can enjoy on UPCCC!
Welcome! Here you can find most of the biggest Pokémon cards collector and related items.
If you have some question, just use the search bar or send us a private message/create or update the post.

Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile: and thanks for the ideas on photobucket and such, i wonder if DA works like that too since its an image site. hmmm

DA it’s for artist, not a host for images like collection or family’s photos.

i mean like if i right click the image and copy image url and post it here after clicking the insert image thing it may work. and i am an artist =p i just have way more than just art on my DA page

uh yes, I do not see the full gallery! :stuck_out_tongue:

what do u mean u dont see the full gallery? i click on the link and it takes me right there

Welcome blazes and looking forward to seeing your cards and artwork:)

Welcome to the boards blazes. I would love to see your collection and artworks too. Cheers! :blush:

much appreciated :heart_eyes: :slight_smile:

Welcome! ^.^ Enjoy our little slice of pokemon!

thanks :slight_smile: I shall :slight_smile: I shall