Have I missed any Giovanni Cards?

I am slowly building my Giovanni collection up and have made a list of all the cards that Giovanni is in.

  • Giovanni from Gym Challenge
  • Giovanni’s Last Resort from Gym Challenge
  • Giovanni’s Scheme from BREAKthrough
  • Giovanni’s Scheme Full Art from BREAKthrough
  • Giovanni’s Scheme Full Art from the Team Rocket Brief Case
  • Giovanni’s Exile from Unbroken Bonds
  • Giovanni’s Exile Full Art from Double Blaze
  • The Boss’s Way from Team Rocket
  • Diglett from Unbroken Bonds
  • Rhydon from Unbroken Bonds
  • XY210 Gym Badge Promo
  • Arguably the 191/SM-P Pretend Boss Team Rocket Pikachu
  • Promo Dark Persian
  • Giovanni from the Team Rocket Case

Have I missed any?

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What about the Japan exclusive Giovanni from Detective Pikachu set?

That would be Lt. Yoshida :wink:.

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I am a terrible Pokemon fan, have yet to see the movie. Only remembered the card so slightly.

Regionals Giovanni’s scheme from breakthrough and the staff version

I know that The Boss’s Way was also released as part of the Legendary Collection (and thus of course it also has the refractor variant in Legendary Collection).

There’s also all of the “Giovanni’s” Pokemon from Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge if that interests you haha but I’m sure you’ve already considered those.

There’s also two variants of “Giovanni” in Gym Challenge–Holo and non-Holo, each with a different number.

The Boss’s Way from Team Rocket - the 1st edition variation also suffers from a smudged stamp. pretty cool error if you can track it down.

I’ve never heard about this error! Do you have a photo of it?

Yeah Giovanni’s pokemon are definitely on the list. Thanks for the rest of the info!

I call this my smudge error Gyarados, I saw a few other rares with the smudge (I remember it was Dark Machamp and Dark Charizard) but haven’t been up to date with any others surfacing (Mislabeled by PSA)

Ahhh that is super cool!

Very cool, thanks for the info!