Have I been scammed?

I ordered a sealed fossil blister from eBay, and this is how it turned up:


As you can see, the pack is sticking out from underneath the plastic, and when I move the plastic it came off completely without any struggle.

Do you think that it’s been removed from the packaging, weighed, and then resealed with glue? Or is it an innocent mistake where it’s an old blister that has degraded?

If you had been scammed I’d be more impressed with the ability of the scammer to separate the cardboard from the plastic. The fact that it looks clean with almost no pealing suggests to me that the adhesive just wore off.


I was hoping this would be the case.

I bought a 1st edition blister once, it arrived like yours but with an unlimited booster… Fun times


I think it’s possible the adhesive broke down. I’m not sure if the environment it was stored in effects it. Humid place or if it was in the sun.

We ultimately cannot give you a definitive answer. However, I would echo @cullers observation. I have had comparable sealed products do this on occasion due to age and/or weather.


Thanks everyone for your opinions. I guess I’ll make a decision on whether to send it back for a refund or not.

I love your username btw

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Thank you!

An unlimited fossil pack probably isn’t worth enough to hassle a return. Just chalk it up and try some gorilla glue;)

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Is gorilla glue clear?

Gorilla glue expands as it hardens so it wouldn’t be very practical lol

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So maybe Elmer’s white glue?

I like shoe goo. It’s clear and it hold well. My buddy used it for his ghuille suit and he would drag that around.

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