Has anyone here been to Japan?

Apart from Glenn of course haha!

Has anyone who’s not living in Japan been there, what’s it like? I really would like to go. :blush:

I been to Tokyo, Japan before. I love their airport and city. Fancy stuff~

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Several times but always business or layovers. Never really a vacation.

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I went back in 1995, one more year and I could’ve gone while Pokemon was starting… dammit. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would be great to hear from a collector who has been. I plan to go in the future, but would like to be clued up on where to go for pokemon cards.

Make a thread when you are about to leave and you’ll get the most up-to-date information.

Japanime may be able to help since he lives there now…

I know all about pokemon center promotions, so again if you post when you are leaving, I can find out for you what is going on. Remember there is no special release party at the centers for XY

How popular is pokemon over there now, and common are the older sets of cards, base - neo cards?

Weird question, but are there many english cards for sale out there?

Pokemon is still popular but you’d be hard pressed to find much of an English selection…

I’ve been to Japan once on a business trip. Didn’t had the chance to see the sights but managed to spend a day at Akihabara. :blush:

i would love to go to japan but i cant speak japanese TT_TT



ha o? semasu?

Sorry, I’m taking Japanese in university.
I just know the basic 46 hiragana including all the fun combinations with tenten and maru and with ya, yu and yo.

We started katakana this week

You have much to learn young grasshopper! Katakana is cool, but just wait till you get to Kanji -____-

So does anyone hear actually speak Japanese? I know Faiarrow and Japanime do, and pokemontrader and I are learning, but are the rest of you just using Google Translate?

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You’ll start crying when you get to Kanji… Watashi wa Eric Desu :slight_smile: I know a little japanese

Well I quit learning Japanese… I’m currently improving on my Spanish and learning Cantonese.

Eww Spanish. I don’t think I’ll ever learn the language, unless I want to do business in Spain. Cantonese is a weird language choice; care to explain?