So who's actualy been to Japan?

I wonder how many people have been to Japan and seen first hand the markets and the shops that sell these cards.

I went once for a few days when i was 15. It was a stop over with my Dad who brought me along to China for a business trip. It was my first overseas trip so Japan was the first country i ever visited :grin:. At 15 my love for Pokemon cards was at it’s lowest (It wasn’t very cool and i had no one to share my enthusiasm about collecting with ). Either way back on topic it was everything you think it would be.

I arrived in Narita Airport and we went into town for the night and I was in awe on the way to the city you drive through mountains and several old school bathouses can be seen nestled in the mountain faces. (Think Spirited Away). In the main city it was awesome Neon lights everywhere, Done up cars everywhere cruising around revving engines and honking at girls :stuck_out_tongue: all the young guys dressed like 03-06 hiphop artists baggy jeans long t shirts massive necklaces and all the girls in shirts and really short skirts, as a 15 year old that was pretty exciting :wink:.
Walking through the streets that night there was a festival happening with dancers and large dragons and a massive cart being pulled by dressed up people. It was amazing i guess i got lucky at the time i was there.

On the topic of collectables and so forth there were so many little hobby shops it was awesome i got so much Evangelion stuff (Massive Fan) it was awesome i remember seeing a lot of vending machines everywhere with anime related stuff which is probably one of my lasting memories.

There were also smokes and beer vending machines everywhere. I got a pack of smokes and a beer from a vending machine in my hotel and sat on the roof, I learned that day i really don’t like smoke and beer was disgusting I didn’t drink again till maybe I was 17 close to being 18. So Japan even taught my that :stuck_out_tongue:

I know i rant alot on this site and my grammar, paragraphing and sentences sometimes make no sense but please bare with me its 6.03 am and i haven’t slept yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody been or planning to go ? share your stories

I’d love to go, I have a “go to Japan someday” savings fund. I have no plans to get there anytime soon, however :slightly_frowning_face:

You are very lucky, thanks for sharing!!

I would love to go to Japan! I am actually planning to live in Japan for some period of time in my future. I’m about to start learning Japanese at the local community college this summer. I don’t think I’ll be able to travel to Japan anytime soon, but if I get lucky, I might be able to study abroad there.

I visited Japan once for 18 years. ;D

I went to Japan in 1995 while accompanying my father for a business trip, can’t remember much except Tokyo was really a sight to behold, the Monorail and a park with Deer you could pet, that and the food.