Hapycake Permanent WANTS Thread ***UPDATED


Tamamushi Uni ID Card (high priorty)

Articuno TMB Phone Card (immediate payement)

No. 3 Pika Trophy (serious buyer here)

Sugimori Phone Card

Xmas Phone Card (with mount)

Another Xmas card with mount:

And one more Xmas card with mount

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Carddass rectangular display mounts -**$10-15 each

** venusaur???

does anyone have these or info on them? are they just store displays? @japanime @pokemoncenteritaly @linkdu83

HolyCakeOven grail wants:

Himeno signed artwork Battle Carnival 2013


seems pricey, but i found one :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thanks @pottsinator I might actually be buying that listing if i can get a better deal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If you don’t mind me asking, where did that coin come from?

its a fan club release. i think it came with the porygon/eevee/karp

Sent you a PM

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That Imakuni’s doduo coin is awesome! Now I want one! But I don’t see myself ever paying more than $10 for a coin.

Lol, I always like these updates here, you always have really random stuff you want which I haven’t seen before. Pretty cool.

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I have the 2 chanseys from the red/green gift box?

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A few other nick nacks im searching for:

JR Rally Aluminum Coins

Pokemon Pinball Stamp Sheet Red v. Blue

And many misc phonecards :blush: Give me a shout!

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Fixed the image links, please let me know if any are still broken!

I am also buying a few GEM MINT cards. I only want gem mint, no 9s or 8s please.

Specifically looking for:

  1. Neo Shining Gyarados

  2. Dark Charizard (original team rocket set)

  3. ANY Imakuni? cards in PSA 10

  4. GOLD - BORDERED Meowth

If i think of any more I want, I will add them here :blush:
Thanks guys!

Someone sell me some stuff while I have $$$$ to blow!!! :wink:

Your taste buds are so unique, I don’t think any one can satisfy your hunger…

except maybe one of these.



PSA 10 for these two PLEASE. ESPECIALLY the first one :blush:

Just saw you ask for these on FB!