Gym Challenge Unlimited Booster Packs buying in 30 mins...?

30 packs total, guy found them in storage. Highest bid so far is 160, so about $5.30 bucks a pack… which i know is a good deal, but the box is pretty damaged. is there a good chance the cards will be low grade? Help me you brilliant people.

Could be weighed.

yeah that was my first thought, but 6 packs missing gave me some hope that maybe that wouldn’t be the case…

those 7-eleven stickers thou…


…didn’t cop. sold for $200 - might regret that :slightly_frowning_face:

now to wait another millennia for sealed product to show up locally.

The stickers and the random long pack throws me off. I wouldn’t stress missing out on this one lol.

Nothing suss about that, retailers would open a box and put a price sticker on every pack back in the day

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