Grand Party - PSA 9 vs Ungraded Mint

I’ve looked on eBay, but since most of the sold items are BIN’s, it’s hard to get a clearer picture on this. I’d like to know what I can on average expect from a PSA 9/Mint Grand Party, ungraded and graded.


You mean in regards to paying?

Yea, the Price.

Approximately $300 for sure for a psa 10. The price has been stable for the past year, it is an under valued/rated card for sure. Because of the type of card it is, unique art, and the double rarity symbol I would just get the psa 10 instead of the psa 9.


I’m interested in selling my own copy. It looks like a 9, I’m contemplating whether or not sending it in is actually worth it.

Theres one on ebay for 100 bucks which to me, is a great deal…

With that price I Might even just pick it up myself so I can have a 2nd :stuck_out_tongue:

But really, 9’s normally sell for 115-140+ and 10’s 190-210+

But like anything in pokemon, the price will go up.

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Anything 8+ condition should be graded. This is a staple Japanese promo card. I have sold probably 30 of these cards over the years, including 8-9 grades. I actually sold an 8 and 9 last month.


Thanks for all the responses. There are some outliers to the rule of thumb, though, right? @smpratte
At least in terms of profit, some cards seem to sell for almost exactly the same as a PSA 9 and Mint. Calculating in the shipping+grading cost it makes some cards I’ve seen not worthwhile to grade. Example: 1st ED German Base Charizard. Does this rule still apply to almost all cards calculating a roughly ~15€ cost per card?

That is true. In the recent podcast with me and a couple members here, this was one of the topics discussed. Not every card has a significant increase or an increase at all. You have to understand the market through experience to figure out the cards that have more of a range.

The Grand Party is a good example of that borderline binder card. It is something I could see in EX or EX-NM in a binder for a binder collection. But majority of the time it is collected graded.


It’s so hard to determine whether or not grading is worth it sometimes, when seeking profit. Especially since eBay only shows sold items within the past few months. >.<

Would you say that it’d be a good rule of thumb to say that if a card is at least in PSA 9 condition and worth 25-30$ Mint ungraded, it’s worth sending in?

Also, I’m definitely gonna listen to the podcast when I find the time, sounds interesting. :blush:

If anyone is interested in an updated price on this card, I can mention the following;

3 months ago I purchased 2 Mint raw versions of the grand party from eBay, payed 300$ and 315$. (USD)

One of them came back a 10 and the other I am about to send but looks like more of a 9 than a 10. Of what I’ve seen for 9s, the price looks to be between 350-450$.

It is such an amazing and unique card.

I purchased a version of this card from @smpratte on eBay around 2 years ago and I was hooked on it since! hehe



Please refrain from reawakening these years old threads.