Grand Party PsA 9 value

Hey anyone know what a Grand Party PSA 9 is worth. Only one has sold recently and it’s being offered to me as a second chance offer. The buyer backed out. Is $90 good if I need to resell within the next year for $90+eBay fees? I’d like to buy to hold on to but am trying to cover my bases.

Hmm that’s tough then. Sounds like it’s on the line…

The asking price is fair as stated before so go for it if you really want the card. If you are more concerned about spending the 90$ or what the card may eventually sell for one day then you shouldn’t do it. Simple as that.

General advice: Comparing offers and being patient to get the best possible deal is always great but when price concerns overshadow the joy of having the collectible then there is something wrong.

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Agreed. If you would be happy to own the card, then buy it. If in the future you end up selling it at a loss, just consider the time you had the card and the good feeling you had while you owned it.

Sometimes you can’t avoid losing money when you sell your card. For me, I just consider these losses as the cost of owning the card or the “cost of happiness” that I had to spend on. I guess similar to spending money on entertainment, like watching movies. :blush:


Good point Nestor. There is a Pokemon collector who has spent more money than most collectors will in a lifetime. He happens to also be a vp at an investment firm. His mentality is that his cards may be worth nothing monetarily one day.

Ultimately, no one can predict what a cards value will be a year from now. Similar with stocks or any investment. Perhaps a better way of approaching the situation is more align with what Nestor mentioned, consider what your goal is in buying the card. Either way, $90 is not a big deal. If you threw a couple zeros on the end, sure, I understand the financial worry. But with this cards illustration and overall uniqueness, you are still gaining something no matter how you spin it.


i am the same way with my collection if my cards were one day to be worth penny’s it would not bother me as I enjoy just having them the value of them down the road is not really a concern to me as they make me happy just having them. U should buy the card if it makes u happy. Not because u want to make money down the road not being mean just my opinion.