Grading Jumbo cards/Info on M Charizard Jumbos?

Hey guys, hope someone here can help. I’m looking to grade some Jumbo cards I have, does anyone here have any experience with grading jumbos? I’m just curious as to how to ship them to PSA (I know they only like CS1’s for regular cards, not sure about jumbos lol) and what the fees for grading them would be. I tried contacting SilverSnorlax on YouTube, but he’s pretty difficult to get a hold of…

Also, I remember that the Mega Charizard box was supposed to release around August 2014, but it seems it never released in the US. It came with either a M Charizard Y jumbo or the X jumbo. Can anyone confirm that these boxes were in fact never released here in the U.S./why that was the case? I’ve been able to find them on eBay Uk and in other languages but nothing I could find here in the US.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide :blush:

Can confirm the European exclusivity of the Megas. Cannot say why.

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The story I saw somewhere. The figures were not permissible under European rules, so they got jumbos.

I found the story stupid enough to be true.

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Lol, that could be it. Guess TPCi didn’t want us to have both -.-

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