Graded cards storage box?

Hi! I am looking to buy a storage box for my psa graded cards, and would like some recommendations.
I would like something like this, where i can organize them and secure them.

You have any preferred brand or one that has been good for you? thank you!

A Peli 1450 case can hold 150-200 PSA cases comfortably.
Looks very similar to the picture you posted.

I have this one and really like it. Holds 140+ graded cards, and it can hold PSA or BGS or just about any other. This was important to me as I collect multiple companies at times. $90.

Aside from the good suggestions you’ve had already, you can also keep all your Pokémon cards in one of these so you can bring them anywhere.


I have three of these from Zion cases and they’ve been great. Looks like they are running a sale through 6/24

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I’ve been using this. Cheaper than pelican but also needs some tweaking to fit all cards

Thank you all! Dont know why i dont get notifications for comments in my post just saw it!
@lamplamp,would have love to by that one, but unfortunately they dont ship to spain :slightly_frowning_face:
@jabby,that one meets all the requirements I want and looks very good for the price, just bought that one thank you!


Nice! I definitely like it overall. It’s not super heavy and the slabs don’t move around in it at all which is good. Even if you have only 1 slab it won’t budge inside the foam holding and the dividers are nice to organize things as needed. It’s a good option for storing away for sure.

Another one I like if you ever want a smaller one is these:

Really happy with these also, as sometimes I just want to separate things even more from my main box. The 2.0 version now holds BGS size which is great, before they were only PSA size but now they hold both slabs (or equal size).

Palmsofgaming is very good, except for shipping. It cost around 50-80€ To Europe

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I contacted them by instagram and they processed the order by mail, i ordered one of these XL cases as they look perfect to be honest!

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@franmotard, that’s great I hope you enjoy