Grade? Or leave "as is"

Just wondering if I should get this card graded or if I should keep “as-is” considering the damage. The card is flawless except for the slight bubbling in the corner.

Any input would be great :blush:

Thanks man. I think I’m going to keep it and grade it.

One of smgquest’s “nm or better” cards :unamused: lol I shoulda known better

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Haha. Ya… But I also got a sealed picachu which will get a 10 for cheap. And the sunset mew for cheap as well so I can’t really complain too much… My own fault for not asking enough questions lol

Well, I think it’s not really your fault… He is a seller and he said that the card is NM. I read few stories about him and I’m glad I didn’t bought anything from him (although I wanted to)

And after seeing couple of his videos I can say that he doesn’t really care about cards at all - just profit (it’s only my opinion of course).

Sorry for off-topic.

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Ya, he’s getting out of pokemon so he will be gone soon anyways lol

It’s gunna take him FOR EVER to sell his collection. I’m waiting for him to slash prices but he doesn’t seem TOO eager to get outta the game just yet

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leave it for sure

Don’t grade it please!

PSA doesn’t like indents at all!


“oh baby, I like it raw” - Ol’ Dirty Bastard

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lol :rofl:

Grading is a great way to preserve cards, but sometimes it can also constantly remind you that the card is in bad condition. I’d leave it in a sleeve/toploader, or maybe get a nice display case that minimizes the flaws.