GoldStar Rayquaza Question(s)

Hey guys, I just have a quick few questions regarding the prices and interest surrounding this card. I checked on Ebay and I’m seeing the card selling for hundreds of dollars in what appears to be terrible condition. These cards are creased and scratched to no end, yet they have still sold ungraded at $120 and up!

Is there some secret reasoning behind why this card warrants such a price regardless of condition? And would it be fair to say this card is going to continue to rise in price over time? Or is there some sort of bubble surrounding this?

And thank you in advance for any replies, I appreciate it :blush: !

It’s one of the most popular gold stars.

Even surpassing Charizard in price lately.

Nm/Mint copies will run you 300-400 easy


Ahh, I see! Thank you for the quick response. I had no idea it had such a backing in terms of popularity. Weird though to see variants of this card selling in such poor condition for relatively high prices.

Not weird at all, Gold Stars in and of themselves are scarce enough as it is as we all know, but the 3 from the EX Deoxys set (Latias, Latios, Rayquaza) are particularly scarce.

You’re seeing beat up GS Rays go for hundreds because that’s literally all that’s available…everything else that’s NM-M have already been graded, and we’re seeing this being reflected especially in the PSA 9 prices, which are now a surefire ~$650 minimum price if you can even find a seller not trying to get $800-900 on eBay…I lucked out and grabbed my PSA 9 last month at a “reasonable” price and it was the most i’ve ever paid for a PSA 9 of anything minus my 1st Ed. Base Set Charizard.

Ahh, gotcha. That actually makes sense the way you put it. I didn’t even for a moment consider the scarcity being the driving factor behind the price. I was assuming that it was primarily the popularity that was warranting the value. Thank you for the response and insight, I appreciate it!

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