Gold Star

Gotta opt out of this thread.

“You can lead a horse to water…” Comes to mind.
And no, I’m not buying any or all of those gold stars;)

I wonder who this mysterious salesperson could be. I already heard about this “hoard” of Gold Stars several days ago. It sounds incredibly interesting but I would probably stay away also.

First thing that came in my mind is this:

Oh boy, so many good cards. :blush:

Thanks for the heads up.

What counts as a ‘incredibly large hoard’ though? Obviously if you have specifics we can’t expect you to just leak it all out to us, but any info you could give on what that means would be greatly appreciated.

Also if the hoard really is huge I am glad I sold my 2nd Charizard GS 10 when I did.

What are we talking for a ballpark here 100, 1,000? I know a couple manic gold star collectors but not sure how they would effect the market if they sold.


But if you apply basic economics to the whole ordeal…
The more supply that is out there, the more saturated the market, so the demand goes down.
Depending on how large @garyis2000 's offer was… I think anyone collecting Gold Stars should be worried.

Gotta opt out.

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If this stuff could not happen while I’m part way into the PSA wait period on a lot of English Gold Stars, that would be great.

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@gary, is there an easy way to view this information?

I am pretty much a self acclaimed PSA newbie. :stuck_out_tongue:

All PSA members can view the population reports for every item graded or authenticated. Are you a member? If not maybe a friend could give you their password so you can access it?

You dont need a membership to access the POP reports. Just go onto the site and click POP Report on the top and then click pokemon cards or just search the card you want.

Thanks for the tip! Didn’t know about this feature. :blush:

I havnt bought into gold stars and dont really plan to anytime soon. I can definitely see a price drop in the future, but who really knows with the collectibles market.

As for graded cards: personally, i wouldn’t purchase newer ones or cards that could easily earn a high grade (ex; straight from a “easily” obtained booster box, CD promo cards etc) Part of the current value of graded cards comes from how hard it is to find a mint copy. I just feel like this is too often undermined by the number 10

The Gold Stars are actually not that easy to earn a high grade. Their distribution was 1 in 72 packs. They are very popular as their illustrations were the first set cards to exceed the border. Also, they were all done by the same illustator which adds to their allure.

If anything, the prices have steadily increased since their original release 10 years ago.

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As someone who has earned his fair share of 9’s on them, I whole-heartedly agree.

To people who say gold star prices will drop in the future, they wont. Read darkrai’s message, there’s your correct explanation to this situation. :blush:

And if someone lucky would happen to have sealed booster box ( 1st ed. EX Deoxys for example ), it´s better to keep it like that than take a huge gamble for gold star that isn’t even guaranteed with opening.

I’m looking for Pikachu gold star, english, japanese and JP. Gift box, or any other language/version.

Did you try

At first I thought it was myself you guys are talking about. I sent in over 30 gold stars which I’ll just say all got 9s and quite a few 10s. I also sent in another 15 but they haven’t hit my psa account yet.

I’m pretty sure it’s not because I haven’t talked to gilroy. I think it’s a combination of people. StarHat pokemon 10s. Another seller on ebay I know got 5 10s and I got more 10s than him.

The reseller on reddit link is one of my suppliers. He wants a high price for gold stars and shipping is 30 minimum. Tracking from there is expensive so it’s best to buy in bulk.

I’m curious as to who mysterious seller is. I know several contacts who have 10-40 gold stars but this is the first I’ve heard of a gold mine.


Perhaps I can provide some content to the growing plot of these tragic heroes known as Gold Stars.

I feel that many are misinterpreting Not Zelda Gilroy’s “exaggerated” description of the amount of gold stars “out there.” Albeit incredibly vague, his description and my recent experiences have led me to believe he is not just talking about those collectors who merely “hoard,” say, 50 or even 100 identical gold stars in mint condition.

My justification? I recently came across an individual who offered me gold stars from a particular set for $10 each… Although initially dubious, I decided to ignore the axiom for cautious buyers that “It’s too good to be true!” …so I splurged and bought 15 of them. After very careful examination, I determined them to be real or the best counterfeits I have ever seen. And within a turnaround of just a few weeks, I was able to trade most of these away, many of which were traded to an experienced grader who believes they will receive a PSA 10.

I cannot validate what the seller told me, but in his/her own words, “I am selling them insanely underpriced because i have a couple thousand of each…I purchased 800lbs of cards…”

Granted, he/she did specify that the purchase for this massive lot involved many other cards from the same set so they were not just gold stars…in addition, he/she also stated that all of these cards are from one set, and his/her boxes did not contain any ex’s.

As a testament to the quantity of gold stars, however, when I requested an exchange for one of the gold stars because there were some damage, the seller sent me a minty mint replacement immediately and kindly told me to keep the original one.

My question is as follows - If all of this is true, how probable is it that this event happened for all of the other sets? Past, present, and future sets?