Massive Stock of 5000x Unseen Forces Gold Stars Found

Someone posted this on Reddit’s /r/pkmntcgtrades today, and then decided to remove it, probably because people told him it was a bad idea to make it known how many he has. Luckily I downloaded the video in case that happened.

How is it possible that this many exist uncirculated?


Gary does not live a lie. That is a gold star galaxy.


I wonder where people get these cards!

Funny how we were just talking about this earlier.

From what my friend who bought it said is that he bought out his stock. So unless Gary source is someone else the gold star hoard is nothing to worry about.except for those 3.

if u think about it there was proabley 100.000 plus of each ex series booster box made that means many thousands of gold stars are out there. There are still ex series boxes being opened Daily just look on YouTube and there are new ones coming up all the time so this many does not surprise me. I would bet there are more collections like this out there somewhere proabley many. In my opinion I think as far as English gold stars go there are tens of thousands of each out there just most we’re hoarded as pokemon was not very popular at the time these sets came out so people who did collect bought them for great prices I would assume and just stored them in my opinion.

Just imagine this with rayquaza or charizard!
Now that I think about it, there could easily be hoards of the holon phantoms or umbreon and Espeon gold stars.

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i would assume that there is massive collections of each

I imagine there are hoards of many things out there. The thing is not every set or every card will be hoarded. There was a listing several months back where a guy had $60,000 worth of base set holos from boxes that were opened during the craze. He graded a few and many were psa 9 and 10. It’s positive to think that there are hoards but very few of us could get our hands on these hoards. The actual price paid for this hoard was more than most of us have spent before on a single purchase.

Yes, there are probably hoards of other set cards out there.

There are cards/items in every hobby that have more finite print runs and distribution than others. These were distributed in stores worldwide. The pull rate was 1 in two booster boxes. It is safe to assume plenty of other species types are out there. However, I wouldn’t think it without a reasonable doubt until I see evidence like this video.

any card made and put out in a booster box has many thousands of copies except for japanese wcp cards and lost link those were very rare even when they were made. Evan japanese gold stars that were put out in booster boxes there are still many thousands out there just u don’t see them as often. as the japanese do not sell there cards often like in America they tend to hold on to them but there are still many out there now for play promo gold stars and world championship pack gold stars there a very very few of those out there I’m not saying that English gold stars are not very rare or any other card put out in booster boxes I’m just saying there are many thousands of each of them out there.

Yes this huge collection was hard to believe until seeing this video. I’m sure there are collectors out there with amazing collections that don’t even use youtube, forums, or any social media to share their stuff.


And those large hoards cost more then most of us could afford to spend on a single purchase like that at least I know I could not spend 60,000 on a single purchase

Not with that attitude. :wink:

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That one was not 60,000 but it’s definitely a lot. I would find it hard to believe without seeing the video or other proof.

Speaking of people who don’t use social media or forums. There lots of people who have psa 10s of stuff we’d all like. I think part of the fun in collecting is trying to find stuff like this hoard or people with those rare psa 10s. It makes those cards that yiu find even more special.

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I don’t think your friend purchased this lot as this seller still has the cards. I just spoke with them.

Was the person your friend bought from in the US?

Actually I’m surprised that a few of them got out assuming they’re from the same hoard. They were not in binders initially but there were huge quantities of all along with unseen forces so its possible. Not a very smart selling strategy.
I took a lot of heat for warning people, both here and from the source, but oddly few believed it anyway.

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why is everything so “hush, hush”… lol

Yeah. I didn’t mean to sound that way but my sharing the info before was criticized and I didn’t like that.

So can anyone explain why it’s just unseen forces gold stars?
(I mean for sure, not speculate)

5000? How many boxes would that be? 15000?! How many boosters would that be? 540000! Half a million!