Giving e-mail address through ebay message

Hi everyone

Ebay does not allow to tell your e-mail address to another user through messages… I know why they are doing it and it makes sense of course but for us collectors it’s horrible…

So my question is, if you see an auction and you want to discuss something with the seller, let’s say if he has other cards, what do you do? Without giving your e-mail you can’t even make out a deal for another card which is not listed in an auction.

Tell me what you think and what you do about it

Just send it like this: Alexander at Hotmail dot com (not my actual adress).
They can’t detect this :wink:.

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they for sure detect this :wink: I tried… I think they detect the e-mail providers so if you write anything like “Hotmail” or “gmail” it wont send the message… :confused:

And if you try hot mail ?

That wont work either. Go into PS or MS paint, make an image of your e-mail address, upload to photobucket, then share the link :wink:

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I used the cutting the adress in half trick about a year ago and it worked then, but that was the Dutch eBay.

Taking a picture is a nice one :blush:, I’ll remember it.

thats a good idea, thanks a lot Mike :blush:

I’ve just been doing this:

My email is example.charlie
It is a gmail address.

And then it becomes fairly clear that is my email address. Haha.

I guess they only detect major email addresses. When I want someone to deal outside of eBay, I send a message like this:

“Please send your Pay Pal funds to ddmoneys at

Usually that works. As long as I space PayPal and don’t use the @ sign, I’m good.

This is probably a bad idea but here goes:

  • Create a separate gmail account, one that you won’t mind getting spammed.
  • When you scan or take photo of your item, include your email address (written or printed on a piece of paper).
  • List your item on eBay.
  • If anyone asks for your email, tell them to look at the image of the item.


For Pokemon cards, just tell them to message you on upccc. If they aren’t on here, then get them to register!

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We don’t want random hobos here to steal our Y!J auctions though

Yes, only regular hobos allowed. :blush:


Made me smile.

I just type the . as (dot) to bypass it.