Alternative ways to complete deals that benefit both parties

Is there ways to do sales off of eBay that benefits the seller and buyer?
In a way so the seller doesn’t get hit with the eBay sales charge and buyer doesn’t get hit with tax.

PayPal :confused:


Post what you want, AND WHAT YOULL PAY, here on E4. It’ll certainly benefit both sides.


Not entirely sure what you’re asking, but sounds like you’re saying how you can meet a buyer/seller through eBay, but do the deal off site?

Be very cryptic with your messages on ebay… eBay scans for these things though so I’d advise to just do the deal on eBay that originates on eBay.


Yeah pretty much as @simorno , said paypal is the best alternative and most secure, but making a sale would have to be more of a negotiation through something via 3rd party like here or instasham (as I call it, which im sort of weary of myself) or facebook sadly.

Edit: the “sadly” remark is for instasham and facebook, as i find people on there, and the environment, not to be the healthiest but for E4, that comment is not applied. Here is fantastic from what I know and have seen :blush:

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Your best bet is asking people on this forum.

Like @teraz said: eBay goes through messages and can see when you are trying to make deals off site, which can result in punishment for the buyer and the seller.

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What’s a way to access the largest market of people and enable a large number of transactions without paying for the service and paying taxes? It doesn’t exist.

Or move to Oregon


That’s wild I didn’t know they check messages like that.
Will a message like “Contact me on E4” trigger anything like that?

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I think id rather pay the taxes haha


I’m not sure, but I do know that if you list any email addresses you can get nabbed by eBay.

I honestly wouldn’t risk it, man.