How to secure a trade

Hi everyone,

just recently I got in touch with a nice person through ebay. We traded a few messages and had the idea of making a trade to assist each others collections. Now the thing is he appears to be a very reasonable person and his ebay feedback is perfect (220) but still I know him for just a few days and I don’t feel like sending a few hundered dollars around the world without any protection.

I thought this would be the right time and place to ask you guys for advice! Thanks


Here’s an idea: have him put the item for auction with a ludicrous BIN price and an option to make an offer, then he will choose your offer as the winning one, then proceed as usual.

This may not be so advantageous to the other party as he will pay a final value fee on the accepted price… I am not sure if there is any “safe” way to do a trade without a third-party willing to serve as a middleman. I could be wrong, however, I am just not well-versed in the technicalities behind trades.

Yeah, short of a forum with feedback (such as Pokegym), as well as a “paper trail” for accountability, there aren’t many safe ways

And “mail fraud” isn’t enough of a deterrent from stealing. :\

Yeah, unfortunately, mail fraud isn’t a very effective way to get things done unless you have indisputable proof that you did everything right, which is, unfortunately, extremely hard to get

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Suggest to split the final value fee with the seller.

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Both of you send to someone here (middleman) then when both arrive said middleman will forward it along. That would only cost you both an extra shipping label. Now if one doesn’t arrive then only that one person loses.

well also dont send any money as gift to the person cause if they scam you well your luck in getting your money back became like 0%