eBay Rant: Sharing Contact Information

Hi all,

As you may already know, I’m not one to complain much.

I have always been the seller willing to go the extra mile. Part of the reason I do this is because I enjoy the satisfaction in a happy customer. In addition, I find that high quality sellers tend to attract high quality, repeat customers. In the past, I’ve given out my personal cell phone number to buyers making large purchases. Today, I tried to do the same via eBay and was found that this is no longer allowed under their policy of sharing contact information. Ridiculous. We have reached a point where eBay’s policies are actually hindering sellers from providing the highest level of service. Perhaps we’ve been at that point for a while. I don’t know. I’m a little annoyed that I am forced to communicate completely via text. -sigh-

On a positive note, this is my last sale on eBay for the foreseeable future. Between this sale and one other, I will have liquidated 95% of my collection. ; )

Sincerely disgruntled,
PokePhD / Dave

Edit: To be clear, I understand why this policy is in place. Nevertheless, I think eBay has gone overboard.


Reminds me of when I gave out my Instagram name and they banned me for a week


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Ebay prevents any other form of contact as you could make future sales outside of eBay which is costing them money. I get why they do it, you use their platform to build relationships and they don’t want you to take advantage and deal outside.

Just wait till they Paypal you once then you can get their contact info and communicate with them:)

By the way, my boy Dave is a top notch seller and the hobby is better with him in it:)


Ha, thanks Gary. ; )

Yes, I’ve done that through PayPal before. There are a lot of loopholes… It’s just a shame eBay does not trust its sellers.

I completely understand where you are coming from. eBay really has gone overboard with their policies. It is the largest selling platform as mentioned and they want their cut. I would recommend just including a business card in larger orders and if a customer wants more cards, they can easily contact you. Don’t see anything within their policy for this.

Last time I sold something, I saw the buyer’s phone number on ebay.

It’s on Sales Record.

My Ebay → Sold → Sales Record

You can just tell him you’ll contact him via phone.

[EDIT] THOUGHT YOUR NAME WAS MIKE for some reason and I know you from a few years ago.

I always call him, soulwind

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