Gary's gonna love this ...

When I opened a package I received from a YJ Auctions seller and found this inside, I couldn’t help but think of @garyis2000 :grin:

Not only did the seller use four pieces of masking tape to strap the card to a piece of flimsy cardboard, the seller also provided written instructions for removing the tape so the card wouldn’t be damaged! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I encourage everyone to follow Gary’s sage advice and never, ever secure a card with tape. Plastic kitchen wrap is our friend.


Shrink wrap, the word you’re looking for is shrink wrap. :wink:

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Doh! I’ve been in Japan too long :rofl:

EDIT: Upon further research, I’ve determined that “plastic (kitchen) wrap” is indeed the correct choice of words. :sunglasses: :wink:

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Saran wrap.

That cat is something else. It may start a trend lol.

Saran Wrap (uppercase “W”) is just one of many name-brand plastic wraps on the market :wink:

Saran wrap is to shrink wrap as Kleenex is to tissue

And Frigidaire is to fridges, er, refrigerators.

I’ll meet you in the middle and call it stretch wrap.


It is like cardboard to card stock.

We have a winner!

Industrial rolls at work are labeled “plastic wrap.”

That’s all I can offer to the debate. Haha.

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Hoover is to vacuum.

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