Scotch Tape During Shipment

Why do sellers use scotch tape on cards during shipment? I’m tired of trying to get cards out of top loaders with scotch tape everywhere. I feel like I’m going to damage the card every time!

Team bag is obviously the way to go imo, but even something like masking tape will do the same job as scotch tape without being as abrasive, and comes off relatively easy.

Have you all had similar experiences?

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@garyis2000 swears by the use of tape. I hear he even stored his collectibles and tape in the same room for convenience.


If anyone uses tape they should at least fold a bit over so there’s a pull tab to take it off easily … and don’t put the card in with the sleeve opening at the same end as the toploader.


Bingo! Put the card in “upside down” and then tape

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I use painting tape, works wonderful. Painting tape is designed to come off easily and not leave behind residue.


I’ve always put my cards “right side up” with a piece of paper then tape on the toploader and have never had an issue in the hundreds of transactions I’ve done over the years. That being said, if I had a card shop in the area, or even had supplies I would be more inclined to go team bag route, put for now this does the trick! :blush:

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Card Savers, it’s in the name. No tape necessary! Not sure why everybody hasn’t switched to these for shipping.



To the OP: Anybody who uses tape inside a mailer is either clueless or a COMPLETE DIMWIT. They are the same people who use phone booths and betamax’s. They are too ignorant to think of a better alternative method.
Like Benoit said, a cardsaver will do the trick. Or cover in cardboard and wrap with sandwich wrap.

Tape has destroyed more collectibles like cards and comics than the paper drives during WW2.


I think I got the idea from a gemmintpokemon video, but I only use tape on the outside of the shipping box. I wrap the contents in saran wrap.

If I’m sending cards I use card savers, wrap those in saran wrap, place them in a bubble mailer and then pack that into a box.

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You’re the man moo. 100% perfect system. Guess where gemmintpokemon got the idea;)