Garage Thread

I thought this might be kind of fun after a typo in the auction thread. First picture is my car and second picture is my dream car :stuck_out_tongue:
Post yours if you want!

The scale is a little hard to detect but I can assure this car is normal size.

I have always loved the Corvette for some reason and the ZR1 just did it the best as far as I am concerned. As far as price goes I might actually get something comparable one day. I can hope.

My car


I don’t have pictures of any of my cars at the moment but I have 3 cars.
2014 Toyota corrola
2001 Chevy s10
1995 Chevy blazer
And my dream car is a Ferrari 458 Italia

lol, wut?

Here you go!|40400|600848|180000|108|||800000||20000010|840||a0050|4000040||||||||||4b800041|fbfff

My current and first car is a Peugeot 206 1.1 2003 5 door:

And my dream car is a Nissan R34 GTR V-Spec II Nur

Damn that ass is so fine :grin:
Already have a fair amount saved up and my aim to have one in the next 5 years so i’ve got a lot of work to do


My Z.

My dream car:


My car is currently for sale if anyone is interested PM me

It’s a one off :wink:

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If only if only…



I would do so many terrible things for a lambo. The Countach or the Diablo are the best. The new ones just seem to be too typical or I don’t really know too flashy

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Yeah the newer ones while extremely nice, lack the personality these older Lambos emanate, there’s nothing quite like a Countach, Miura or Diablo.

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Never ever obtainable dream car…

Not too impossible dream car :blush:

@omahanime walks away shaking his head and muttering under his breath.

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one day i will get this bad boy, the porsche 918
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otherwise ill go for the volkswagen karmann ghia

(how do i create a bigger picture)

I don’t even have a drivers license.


man this sound lame but i really like that street where that lambo is. where is that?

I know everyone wants this

But how do you PSA it?


I am pretty sure I could not afford changing the headlight bulb on this.