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Hello! My main hobby other than cards is collecting cars and restoring them. I will be posting cars from various makes and models, engines, also bikes. Anything with a motor. You can also feel free to dive in with some information or pictures of this criteria. I mainly want to keep this focused on performance, muscle, custom, vintage, and low production vehicles. You may list auctions if you have no relation to the seller. Spamming auctions will not be tolerated.
Example: Don’t post a new Fiat 4 door.
This is from My Classic Car with Dennis Gage.
Corvette Maco Shark 1 of 6 (blue)
Corvette 454GT I think it is 1970. 1 of 10
Filmed at my grandfathers old farm house.

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Wow that’s an awesome hobby. I wish I had the “drive” (pardon the pun :grin: ) and the know-how to restore classic cars. I’ve always had an appreciation for them, especially in the past 5-6 years when I started to attend a lot of car shows and cruise-ins during the summer. I would consider cruise-ins to be a summer staple for me. Althought not to mislead anyone, I don’t claim to know much about various models and their engines, only some of the basics. I always wish I could drive a date in a classic car to a drive-in movie on a nice summer saturday evening. Maybe a 65’ GTO, 67’ Fastback, or 69’ Chevelle, etc. The nice low rumble of the v8 or hemi and that distinct exhaust smell. Ah that would be amazing. :grin:

Anywho thought I’d chime in that I think your main hobby is awesome!
This is the current restoration. 1935 Chevy half ton, wood frame.
1988 Cutalss Supreme International Indy 500 Pace Car. 1 of 150 hardtops
They also made 50 convertibles. The government deemed all convertibles unsafe. They made a mandatory recall to destroy them. Of the 50 convertibles, around 20 still exist. This is also why Corvette’s don’t have a convertible for every year. Funny how the government never said this about the Chevy Volt, considering they light on fire if crashed.

I don’t mean to show you up. You brought back some fond memories of the MV Agusta at Mecum.

I’ll catch you up on the Agusta. The MV Agusta started out as race bikes to compete with well known American manufacturers, such as Harley Davidson. MV Agusta quickly became king of the motorcycle racing. I’m not sure exactly why they died out. Anyways a couple years ago some Italian billionaires bought the rights. MV Agusta is back in business. They hired the lead designer of Ducati bikes to bring the Italian legend back. This may sound strange to some but, MV Agusta has only one model. They are constantly evolving this model. The pieces are all custom to only the Agusta, designed by the same creator that brought you some of the most popular Ducati bikes. The reason there is one model, this is a street legal race ready bike. During production if they find a way to add 1hp, they stop production and add the improvement to all bikes on the line. After they make that upgrade it’s just a matter of time until they find another way to upgrade them. I believe the price is around $40,000.