Full WOTC Banned PSA 10 Set

Hello everyone, this is my first thread on the forum and I figured I would post something I’ve been working on. Recently I just completed a full set of PSA 10 of all the original 11 banned WOTC artwork. Here’s everything in order from year released included with the population. Hope you guys enjoy!


1996 Base Jynx: Pop 24
1996 Base Jynx

1997 Rocket Grimer: Pop 127

1998 Gym Misty’s Tears: Pop 335
1998 Gym Misty's Tears

1998 Gym 2 Sabrina’s Jynx: Pop 32
1998 Gym 2 Sabrina's Jynx

1998 Gym 2 Koga’s Ninja Trick: Pop 111
1998 Gym 2 Koga's Ninja Trick

1998 Gym 2 Sabrina’s Gaze: Pop 279
1998 Gym 2 Sabrina's Gaze

1998 Gym 2 Sabrina’s Gengar: Pop 229
1998 Gym 2 Sabrina's Gengar

1998 Yamabuki City Gym Deck Sabrina’s Jynx: Pop 17

Sabrina's Jynx

1999 Neo Moo-Moo Milk: Pop 68
1999 Neo Moo-Moo Milk

1999 Neo Arcade Game: Pop 17
1999 Neo Arcade Game:

1999 Neo Card Flip Game: Pop 18
1999 Neo Card Flip Game


Congrats buddy on building the set. I remember us talking about them on IG, well done.


Thanks man, a lot of late nights on eBay lol

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Awesome stuff! What about the no rarity base set jynx?

I’ve never been able to figure out what I’m looking at in the JP Moo Moo Milk art. The Sentret is drinking from the nipple of some headless and legless cow body? What is that thing?


While making this thread I was thinking that I need that one day lol

Nice work! None of these should be banned.

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A few of them I agree with you but some you question what went on in their head haha

I don’t know man… but I want to try it



Very nice collection! But umm, aren’t you missing one artwork?

PS: There is a.f.a.i.k. only a single artwork outside of the WotC era that was censored:

Source: this great Efour article.

But regardless, amazing collection, especially as PSA-10! Oh, and let’s not forget: welcome to the forum. :blush:



I never really saw the whole “middle finger” issue with the Sabrina’s Gaze… you would think it would be more pronounced

I just realized I forgot to upload one, thank you! I have it in a 10 & scanned it too. Let me edit that one in now

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Personally me neither lol, it’s not even noticeable unless you tell someone why it’s banned.

Love this idea! Would be a fun binder set up as well! :blush:

I always thought it was interesting how they didn’t change the Neo Revelation Jynx in English:


Same here! I always just thought it was a super cool part of history seeing all the banned cards and I had to start collecting them. I’m still not sure why that’s one of the only english black face Jynx


Because no one dares to mess with a Komiya illustration.


That Magmortar is awesome, sadly it’s only Pop 1 in PSA 10… not for long :sunglasses:


With how slow PSA currently is, I wouldn’t be so sure about the ‘not for long’ haha :wink: But that’s some serious dedication right there. Best of luck with your grades! :grin:



You definitely aren’t wrong haha, I thought about paying $200 on my best one to just have a copy to look at. Still thinking about it… but thank you! I’ve been working on quite a few different sets. I’ll start posting more on here :grin: