Fringe Collectibles From Tropical Mega Battle Tourney & More

Mainly testing Scott’s pic tip here.

The below item was signed by Miss Himeno at the first Tropical Mega Battle tournament.
She is the second most prolific Pokemon illustrator with well over 500 card designs to her credit including the Birthday Pikachu.

Do you have any Pokemon Tourney fringe collectibles to show off?

Kagemaru Himeno
From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia.
Kagemaru Himeno (Japanese: 姫野かげまる), born July 24, 1972, Kanagawa Prefecture, is a writer and illustrator who has provided material for Pokémon since the early years of the franchise. She started doing manga illustrations for RIBON Original in 1994, a magazine published by Shueisha, who along with other publishers Hakusensh and Shogakukan, own VIZ Media, which publishes manga outside Japan. Since 1997, Himeno has done many illustrations for Pokémon-related publications, including Pokémon Tales and her own series How I Became a Pokémon Card. She is also one of the few illustrators that has continued to produce card art since the early years of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. She likes to go by the nickname “Himemaru” (ヒメマル).

Filling a request to see this rare auto…


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Do these count? :blush:


Those certainly count lol.

Filling a request to see this rare autograph…

I am assuming the #1 spot for the most prolific Pokemon illustator is Arita? If so, I agree. I always loved Himeno and Arita’s artwork the best from the original artists (Even though Himeno started out in Jungle).

“She likes to go by the nickname “Himemaru” (ヒメマル)”

^ Also to the quote above. If my limited weeaboo learning skills are right that would translate to “Little Princess” :blush:

saw one of those necklaces on ebay for the longest time. was always so close to pulling the trigger on it lol. super cool medal for participation