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Hi there!

Thanks for checking out my collection. I’m personally more of a legendary birds collector given by the photos and what not but i am also interested in alternate arts and pokemon in general. These few pictures consist of all holo and/or reverse holos of the birds arts (English) in chronological order of release and shown in the fashion based off their pokedex numbers.

All cards were based and put in order from Bulbapedia TCG List.

I’ll be uploading more photos once collections come in, but in the mean time i really hope that this is enough eye candy for a little while.

Thank you for checking out my collection! :blush:

If you wish, you can also come by to my youtube channel by clicking here
It’s not amazing in any way shape or form, but its more of a hobby to create lackluster content to flood the internet :wink:
For reasons i must mention, i am not collecting Latias or Latios as i don’t deem that to be very bird like, maybe more plane to be honest.
Also i only have a duplicate of the original 3 legendary bird arts in legendary collection reverse holo due to its rarity.

        **Articunos #144:**  

        **Zapdos's #145:**  

        **Moltres's #146 + Zapdos cont:**  

        **Lugia's #249:  

        Ho-oh's #250 + Lugia cont + Bonus:  




Reserved for future posts*

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Man your collection is fresh as f**k :wink:

The majority of the artwork is out of this world, great collection!!


Awesome collection!!! Beautiful!! Don’t mean to high-jack your collection thread but thought you might like these… got them signed last month by Arita :blush: They are some of my favorites :grin:

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I see what you did there :wink:
Thank you! I’ve been looking for a place for other individuals who can appreciate the artwork so i very much appreciate your time today. Hopefully with the new releases of SM3 Shining Legends, i’ll be able to show those in more detail prior to sleeving them to avoid this nasty glare

Nice stuff. Very fresh indeed. Keep it up and make sure you get that shining lugia that’s about to come out :wink:

Oh boy i think you truly did steal the show with these 3 magnificent specimens :>
I’m not going to lie, i’m a little jealous after seeing these three together signed by the artist himself with even the birds faces.
Its really nice to know that there’s other bid collectors!
Don’t ever get rid of these babies please!

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@freshasfck Haha thanks! Not planning to but if he ever visits your city make sure you have some additional birds so he can sign them, he usually offers the drawings for an additional price if he’s not busy.

Thank you! And of course! the new Ho-oh’s and Shining lugia and Ho-ohs will be my go to right when they’re released in october :grin:

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