Fraud, scams, identity theft and the chodes doing it all...


I have seen several threads on here about bad sellers, fake or custom crap cards, fraudulent transactions, etc. And that’s great, because they aren’t going away any time soon.

Maybe there could be a running list of fraudulent sellers on Ebay that can keep being updated on here? As either a reference point (primarily) or maybe even for discussion as well. Something that would be contained in one or a couple of threads rather than a new thread for each.

This thread got me thinking about it (Jake1992 really made me realize some people on here may be new, unexperienced, etc. as we all were at one point in time, im still very new too). These people could benefit from not having to post without wanting to look too silly, or they could post something and they could just get solid answers even if it something most people know. Who cares, that’s one less successful scammer on ebay. Also, it could keep everyone on the same page and less susceptible to these chodes. Yes i said it. Chodes. If you are a scam artist and you are reading this, you are a chode.

And this is the chode whom I was referencing in that thread. I was unaware/naive of doing what he/she was doing in order to steal more money. But Im convinced the scammer stole somebody elses Ebay account (probably without dual login authentication) who already had a history of good reviews and used it to auction off as much as he could from knowing that if it was said to be shipping from Australia, it would buy him more time. Heck, maybe it was their roommates or parents account, and they knew they would not be using it for a while. You really never know.


Simply put, I think that it would be nice to pull up a thread and just be able to hit CTRL-F, type a name and see if that seller’s name is there or not. Thoughts comments ideas rebuttles appreciated.


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makavelidadon777 is a fairly consistent seller, the items that didn’t arrive seem to be very low value, something may have come up in his life which prevented him from sending the items, or making it a top priority