Found a half-blank Topps Spectra Chrome Card

So, I bought a lot recently, and when finally going through it all, I found a Topps Spectra Chrome Magmar.

The side with the chrome finish is completely blank, yet you can see the indentions where it was stamped into the card’s face.

Curious if anyone has seen this or if it’s a well-known issue.

Thank you in advance!


Can you post photo of it?


So, the way I imagine it going is the person who pulled this card saw that it was blank on one side and, like, instantly folded it in half.

The crease sucks, but notice you can still see that the holo film that goes over the coloring is intact. And you can see “MAGMAR” is stamped/etched where it should be.

Let me know what you think!

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Could it be that someone used acetone to wipe off all of the ink, leaving the impression intact?

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I think the glossy/holo film is placed over the coloring/etching. So, it would’ve had to have been removed before the coloring could’ve been removed, right?

It’s definitely interesting. It’s like a layer was missed right before the sealant was placed.

I’m not familiar with Topps’ manufacturing process and the materials that they use for gloss/sealant. If I were you, I would buy a beat up spectra chrome card and test it out for yourself with some acetone.

I shall try it. And maybe we’ll figure out it’s been mutilated after production OR I have a nice factory error.



@DanielGirardBolduc has made a video on ig that gives us the different layers of topps chrome cards, the spectra foil layer is actually beneath the plastic chrome layer so it’s not the first layer on surface to be damaged, Daniel may already have some better info since he’s the mad lad testing out these things but i’m thinking if acetone can take out the plastic layer this could very well be the end result


Thanks Japonnes💚

Necessary knowledge to understand your Magmar :slight_smile:

The Pokemon Topps Chrome cards can be separated in two main layer:
All the described layer are Applyied from Top(Front Of Card) to Bottom(Back of Card)

○ The top Layer
• 1 - Plastic Layer
• 2 - Resin Applyied for Embossement
• 3 - Inc for front Card Design (Pokemon & Background)
• 4 - White Inc applyied over the pokemon for serigraphic layer.
• 5 - Alluminium Layer for foil effect

○ The BottomLayer
• 6 - Parrallel Layer
• 7 - Cardboard Layer
• 8 - Inc for Back Design
• 9 - Plastic Layer

Your magmar have only the Layer (6,7,8,9) which correspond to the back layer.

I see 2 possibility:
1 - This card was found like this with only the bottom half(Possible but would be less probable as this would be a massive mistake during the production to completely forget the top layers)

2 - The card has been separated. This is the most probable explaination as this can be done easily when the cards is put in water (You should be able to notice little inperfection in the cardboard layer caused by absorbed water).

Finally in my opinion the card has been manually separated without putting the card in water, this is harder and have caused me in the past to accidentally creased the card. Also this was something kids were doing in the past because the Top Layer is looking really cool and unique when separated and could be traded as a really special cards :slight_smile:

Have an awesome day.


This makes a lot of sense. Don’t get me wrong, I want it to be some super rare misprint, but I tempered my expectations some time ago. Lolol.

Thanks for your take on it!