Base Set II Fake or Error???

I was sorting through a collection of cards I bought this afternoon and came across a holographic Zapdos. The card itself is in NM/M Condition; but there appeared to be something strange with the card - it made a crinkle noise as a gently bent it back and forth. While I was inspecting the upper-left corner of this card, it actually PEELED APART.

So now I have the actual holo-foil portion of Zapdos with the “rainbow” holo-foil as the back and the Blank, White front (normal back) Pokemon card (or cards I guess now) haha

Has anyone ever had this occur to them before? Is this an “error” or possibly just a fake? Personally, I’ve never been able to just peel the holo-foil off any card before no matter the condition.

As a side note… Can someone tell me how to post pictures into my post using my iPad/iPhone; is it possible and if so how?

my bet is it’s fake, especially if it was crinkling. I’m pretty sure you can add pictures, not sure how from i products though.

yeah sounds dodgy but a pic cant hurt

Fake or error? 99.999999% of the time it will be fake. There are very few errors and they are all well-documented. As awesome as it would be to find a new one, I’m going with fake until there is definitive proof.

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Well I was finally able to upload some pictures (THANKS “pottsinator”)! Anyone have any information on this - I’m personally leaning towards a pretty cool fake card myself.

It’s very likely they just rubbed acetone on it: MTG Permanent Proxy Process - YouTube

Never heard of that before, THANKS for posting the video!

Kind of glad it happened; I’ve always wanted one of the “blank front” cards - worked out well :blush:

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