Forgotten Favorites

Thought of a fun game that might interest some folks.

The ideas are like this. Think back to the early days of when you loved Pokemon - what are some of the old favorites you hardly think about anymore? Maybe you loved a certain Pokemon but as the years went by that Pokemon kind of faded into the background.

Basic breakdown is like this:

  1. Find an old card art or 2 of a Pokemon that you USED to love.
  1. Share some details on why it used to be a favorite and maybe why it no longer is.
  1. Find a NEWER card art of that Pokemon and share that.
  1. Do this for as many Pokemon as you like.

The point of this is helping folks think differently about certain cards and Pokemon - who knows, maybe this will inspire a new collection or start a side one?

I’ll start:

1. Golduck

I really loved Golduck as a kid, even Misty’s Golduck was such a great card and I remember loving the anime episode too where Misty thinks the Golduck she finds is her evolved Psyduck. Golduck just looked like a badass in early cards. As a fan of Psychic Pokemon, I loved that it could use Psychic moves and Dark Golduck especially always invoked some DBZ vibes for me. I’m not a fan of much of the newer artwork as Golduck typically looks like your friendly neighbor more than anything else. I think Astral Radiance is one of the better ones but I think the last time we got a really “badass” Psyduck was Kusajima’s depiction in ex Sandstorm:

2. Kabutops

Looking back through some of my old favorites, I realized I must have really liked ground/rock types as a kid. Diglett, Nidoking, Kabutops, Tyranitar, Gligar just to name a few. Scyther still remains one of my favorite Pokemon to this day but how could I forget the other scythe wielding Pokemon of old? I knew with every play through I would pick up this Pokemon over it’s snail kin - I loved the idea of two-opposing types being in one pokemon - rock and water. As a lover of insect Pokemon, it always reminded me of Isopods. Kabutops is one of those Pokemon that just faded into the background - it never held any personal significance or memories for me despite it being a stellar design. Looking through the cards too, almost all of them are great designs. Majestic Dawn had a great depiction. Even the 151 newest set does a fantastic job of depicting this mon.

3. Ralts

When Gen 3 came out, I instantly loved this cute little psychic type. I didn’t like its evolutions however so despite trying to keep a little Ralts on my team, I eventually would trade it out for other Pokemon. There was something ghostlike and haunting in its design - simple yet adorable at the same time. Gen 3 had a lot of that going on with Chimecho, Aron, amongst others (who I also loved). It’s great seeing it get a lot of attention though as of late, especially from the newer sets.

What are some of your forgotten favorites?



Gardevoir was never a favorite, I’m not really into the emo fairy princess esthetic (not on Pokemon anyways) and Psychic is probably my least favorite type. But I did like it, it had cool sprites and great in-game utility; I used it through several ADV runs and I enjoyed the whole Wally story. Now I would say I dislike it. Not a top contender or anything but to the point where I automatically dismiss 99% of cards with Gardevoir on it (especially modern) and I never use it competitively unless I absolutely have to.


I loved this card as a kid. I loved dinosaurs like any kid and this card gave off very prehistoric vibes.

I feel like the reason I don’t like it anymore is because 1, Ive just become more interested in better vintage cards such as vs or e series sets and I also discovered this card below is holo in japanese. I loved this card as a kid as well and learning it has a holo form as an adult was an awesome surprise. If I had known and had this card as a kid I would have loved it way more than the fossil aerodactyl.

As for a modern version I like I think it comes as no surprise im choosing the alt art which I still need to pick up.



Really loved blissey as a kid, and this yuka morii cards in particular was my favorite. I loved how colorful and happy it was, how many HP it had (nobody knew how to play the tcg, so more HP = stronger pokemon, am I right?)

I also loved to spam blissey when battling in the games, it truly was the supreme wall. Then I realized that facing a stalling team wasn’t so funny for my friends, and how “unnecessary” this evolution was for the beloved chansey. It’s indeed a boring upgrade, with so many others pokemon who better deserve this.

But, I will always remember my happy pink blob


Scyther was easily my favourite Pokémon alongside the Bulbasaur-line as a kid.
The perfect amount of edge, my favourite colour and it reflects my fascination for bugs.
I still love his design, but there are a lot of designs I prefer even more.
Even out of the original 151.


I was always a big psyduck fan because of the anime. He was just so funny

Great colors that compliment the border. I have always loved this card.

Basically all of the Gym set art is underrated to me.

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