Fondest pokemon memory?

Since there has been a few threads similar to this i thought i would see what everyone’s happiest Pokemon related memory is?

Mine is back in like '99 when after school my mum took me to go buy Pokemon yellow and an original game boy. I was so filled with happiness although i was too young to actually understand what Pokemon was, to me it was just colored things that move xD But ever since then i have been hooked :grin:

Whats all your favorite memories?

I’ve had a ton of memories with Pokemon…
I wouldn’t know where to begin…

I guess my favourite memories were when, my brothers were playing Pokemon Blue on the computer and I would watch…

It was so fun, that I was hooked.

As Poketrader said there are just too many!

Three that stand out are:

1.) In 1999 I bought a 1st edition german booster pack from my local card shop and got a charizard :blush:

2.) Finding a birthday pikachu in a card shop on a family vacation and buying it for $75.00 (pretty good for back in 00ish)

3.) Going to Pokemon Journey Across America in 2005/6 and getting celebii on R/S/E

…ahhh good times :blush: …Wish I could list them all.

Great question and this is kinda Pokestalgia week on the ol’ UPCCC;)

My fondest memory was in 1999 after my youngest had pulled a Charizard earlier in the day. That night I peeked into his room after ‘lights out’ and he was laying on his stomach with a small flashlight just staring at that card. Half hour later I looked in and he was sound asleep but still with the flashlight in his right hand and the Charizard securely held in his left.

My two biggest highlights were pulling a base Charizard back in 1999/2000 and then going Worlds in San Diego 2011.

Too many to list. Maybe top 3 are:

1.) Watching my brother play PKMN on the GB Emulator which got me hooked.
2.) Making an order on Amazon with my father for a 2-Player starter Gift Box and then receiving it.
3.) Going online to with crappy 56k dial-up while drooling on all the Japan Promos they had and were adding every other day or so.

Many… but

  1. Going to the Pokémon day in the Netherlands! It was only 5 hours driving and I’ve only been maybe 4 hours in the park (so yeah, 10 hours driving in total xD!)
  2. Last year I found someone selling a dutch base set boosterbox for only 30$ and the person lived only 30km from my home! I got my parents so far that they did drive at 11 PM the same day with me to that person, it was awesome xD

I really enjoyed reading all of your memories :blush:

I do have quite a few as well, but the ones that burned into my brain are:

a few minutes drive from me there was a card shop. They were the only ones to sell Japanese Booster packs. I always went there and bought those Japanese Neo (2, 3 and 4) Boosters. The most amazing thing was that you got one holo in each pack. I still have those holo cards in my binder and sometimes look at them… I think I will try to buy the missing holos one day.

Another great memory was a bit later. I remember this day when I pulled my first Ex card. I didn’t even no that such cool cards exist. It was a Magcargo Ex from the EX Dragons set. I still have this card and treasure it nearly as much as my trophy cards.

But my bet memory is not so long ago. It was when I first got attracted to TROPHY cards. in 2005 I saw the first Victory Mew trophy card with the original case on ebay. It sold for exactly $800. The seller was promo_sen who always used to list amazing cards at cheap starting prices. I loved it when promo_sen had new auctions listed. It was always so thrilling to me cause there were so many cool cards. After I saw this Victory Mew I new I want to collect those cards.

Oh yeah. the good old times :grin:

There’s so many great memories with Pokemon. These two are probably my favourites :blush:

Before the Pokemon TV series hit Finland in 1999 my dad somehow knew about Pokemon. He printed the first episode for me as a comic with english texts and I was so happy for it. I think I have the prints still somewhere.

The other memory was when my cousins were visiting us. We lived on the other sides of the country so it didn’t happen that often. Anyway we begged some money from our parents and went to the nearest kiosk to buy some boosters. It was only a block away so the trip didn’t take long and that’s when my cousin said he wanted to live there too since the kiosk was so near ;D

One of my fondest memories was in 2001. I had purchased the Japanese Pokemon Offical Card Game Guide Book 2000 from a Japanese seller on the old U.S. Yahoo auction site. After thumbing through the book a few times, I contacted the seller to see if she could help me locate a “Tropical Wind” to buy and asked if she knew anything about the “Special Card” with Lapras(pg 122 of the Guide) since I was clueless…She said she didn’t know about the “Special Card” but would check for the Tropical Wind…A few weeks later she found a Tropical Wind, that I was able to purchase at a nice price…When the card arrived, I was happy to see it was in good shape but I was even happier when I realized she had included a gift… the 5 Fan Club Jumbo Postcard set(the two 1999 Tropical Presents-Speical Cards one of which includes Lapras, the other has Snorlax, the New Year Special Card, the New Century Speical Card and the 2001 Trainer with Ho oh)… I offered to pay for the set but she wouldn’t take any money…Just said it was a gift…The seller turned out to be a Japanese Mom that didn’t know much about Pokemon, just was selling a couple of things because her daughter was into it…Makes me smile when I think how kind that lady was,

It really amazes me to see how a card game can have such a profound effect on a persons life. Now that Pokemon is getting older(ish…16 years?) it is neat too see people starting to pass along the hobby to their younger children. I can only hope there will be plenty more generations and set releases!

These are some amazing memories guys!

I was pretty young when Pokemon came out. Heck, if it has been 16 years already (holy cow!) then I was only 4 years old. But by the time things started coming out in the US I’m pretty sure I was 6 or 7. My very first taste of Pokemon began at Christmas. I got a clear purple Gameboy color and a Pokemon Red game. Playing that game was the best feeling ever and I was instantly hooked. I had no idea what Pokemon was at the time and was slightly disappointed in the gift until I had it open and working! lol

The earliest TCG memory I have is opening my very first booster pack. My mom brought home a 1st Edition Fossil pack and I pulled a holographic Ditto. I remember her being just as excited as me and she said “The guy at the store says that the shiny ones are very special and you need to keep it very safe.” It is the only card from my childhood that was kept in NM/M condition. It doesn’t even have any scratches on the foil! Haha. I took my mom’s words very seriously. :blush:

Winning my first Battle Road was a really, really amazing moment for me. Especially considering I was very new to the game and I beat someone in the top 20 in my state. And then the current 13th place holder in our state, Dennis Gill, found my contact information and asked if he could be allowed to use my deck build, which at the time was a relatively original anti-meta deck. I was ridiculously proud. (If only I could taste that kind of success once more. Haha)

That was quite the feat!