Flexed on HARD. Trophy Kangaskhan and 1st Ed PSA 10 Zard

I recently got back into the world of pokemon cards. With that, I was curious if an old buddy of mine who used to buy from me back in 2014 still had his collection, so I asked.

However, I was not expecting to be flexed on this hard…Here are some pics for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

NONE OF THESE ARE FOR SALE. Just thought I’d share an amazing collection.


Wow, beautiful! The lack of newer labels is a testimony to how long ago he was collecting these, too. Amazing!

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Can you post them again without the blue stuff please?

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Very impressive! Did your buddy mention a specific reason why the Khan isn’t graded?

Who cares? He’s not selling them.


@scarecrowman88,owner doesn’t want numbers revealed sorry!

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He doesn’t live in the US, so it has always been a hassle to grade cards. Also, he isn’t collecting to sell/make money so he doesn’t really care about them increasing in value with a potential high grade. He only graded cards a couple times, thus the charizards.


did you sell all these cards to your buddy? she/he must’ve gotten these for pennies on the dollar.

Haha nope, I wish. He bought these in the span of 2013-2015. At the time it was definitely a lot of money, but comparing to prices now he paid only a tiny fraction of what they’re going for.

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you might want to cover the bar code if he doesn’t want the numbers relieved fyi

So your freind don’t have a house but he got pokemon cards xd

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Real nice. I love that Kangaskan. Nice to see pokemon with pouches (marsupial like chansey) be so prized.

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haha he told me he didn’t even realize how crazy the prices got until recently.

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Out of curiosity, why do certain people avoid sharing the cert. numbers?

I think it mainly has to do with counterfeiting, but tbh I don’t think it is a huge problem. However, these are pretty “high profile” cards so I understand.

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I’ve heard it’s because they’re supposedly worried about people making a fake psa card, but it’s just dumb imo

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I guess neither @jalapenocheetos, or the owner of these cards ever heard of barcodes;)


lmao totally forgot about that part, oh well should be fine

The Play Promo Umbreon Gold Star. :open_mouth:

man just love that kangaskhan card so much, definitely my lifelong ambition as a pokemon collector to own one in any condition

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