ShadowLugia's Collection

Hey guys

Just thought I’d share some of my collection

2010 Zorua/Zoroark Pokémon Card Design Contest PSA graded set all cards are PSA 10 except one which is PSA 9.

Pokemon Japanese 2005 Victory Mew Orb Promo Trophy Card in Original Case.

5 Dark Persian No HP Error cards . 3 PSA 9’s , 1 PSA 8 and one Mint ungraded.

When I get some time I will take some more photos of my collection I have around 10,000 cards which is a mix of everything I collect all types of card. But yeah I thought I’d just share some of my favorites :blush:

Very nice! Thanks for sharing :blush:

The Zorua/Zoroark set in almost perfect PSA 10 condition is an amazing accomplishment. Hopefully you can find the last one in PSA 10 to make your set truly complete and the best graded one in the world.

The victory orb has a really nice case, nice to see them complete together :blush:

Finally, do you like Dark Persians? :wink: That is awesome! 9’s are hard to come by for that card, it speaks volumes that you have not 1, but 3 of those! Plus the PSA 8, and the ungraded copy.

Hope to see the rest of your collection at some point! :grin:

Those no HP Dark Persians really are quite nifty. It always interests me when I see people that like a specific card enough to have multiple copies in their collection. Especially such a high-demand error card like that one. I have total respect for collecting what you love as opposed to sticking to a certain criteria. :blush:

Interesting how you ended up with FootballJulians 2010 illustrator set…

¿Por qué

The member shadowlugia is darkpersian…

Notice the exact same photos of the fake packs that they posted on the gym. As well as the exact same background in their photos that was in the fake prechu auction.

Most importantly, The highest graded 2010 set was owned by julian. It is impossible for anyone to have that set of 9 PSA 10 cards with the current pop report. There is a 1 of 1 copy of the 4th grade winner card which belonged to Julian, and is in the photo above.

If you google the set you can view Julians old auction photo where you can see the exact 4th grade winner 1 of 1 card.

Also notice the infatuation with Dark Persians and where he is located **FACEPALM** he is ruining Australian collector reputations in the Poke community.

Well aint that upsetting. Darkpersian definitely does not deserve that Illustrator set.

Scammers are the lowest of the low, dog turds have a higher function in life.

Darkpersian doesn’t own it. He just took someone else’s image.

Mike I guess he owns it as he fooled julian and most likely received his illustrator set :confused:

It is the same image julian had on ebay though :confused:

The pictures are different mike.

hahaha I just checked the old listing…my mistake! Its a shame he got tricked into giving those up :confused:

The fact that this member is actually proud of his/her collection is disgusting and appalling. Why don’t you send the cards back to Julian…he owns them, and you stole them.

This is how life is and it is pretty sad. There will always be people who enjoy taking advantage of people. I have been scammed a couple times on small things and realized trusting people that you don’t really know is very hard. In terms of how Julian got scammed, he should of known not to trade thousands of dollars worth of cards overseas like that. It is almost like common sense not to do that. I have been scammed of maybe around $50 but no where near as much as Julian did. It is sad to see but in any community there will be people like this and people need to realize that.

Okay so I guess this member needs to be banned from our community… Scott?

He was permanently banned last night once everything was confirmed.

What Haze said is an unfortunate reality to an extent. In other hobbies there are scammers, but they are much less in number. Since Pokemon is a younger more undefined hobby, there is more room for people to quickly make money and grow their collection. However, that same factor of a more open hobby for collectors is what invites scammers. This, coupled with the hobby being filled with younger kids and young adults, lends to a lot of what we are seeing.

Most sport hobbies are older adults and the minority are younger adults. Pokemon is the opposite, with its core being young adults and the minority being older. This is why sport cards are much more regulated in price compared to pokemon. The market in sports is dictated by grown men, which has its pro’s and con’s in itself. The point is that most kids or young adults do not have the experience to understand the possible ramifications of scamming and/or their unethical behavior.

For example, the conversation about weighing packs highlights this point well. The fact that it is even being debated is a problem in itself. I know there are plenty of people who weigh packs and sell them and see no problem with it. The majority of people I know are in the age range of 16-22. This does not mean someone older cannot or does not do this; the reality is that the younger crowd sees no problem in what they are doing, or doesn’t understand the reality of their decisions. The entire idea of going to a store with a scale and weighing packs is not only unethical but downright pathetic. The point of buying a pack is to be surprised.

Pokemon is a great hobby, but since it is a young and “up and coming” hobby, and is also perceived by most as a “kids” hobby, it has a lot of room for lowlifes to fly under the radar. Some are as obvious as DarkPersin, while others think they are less obvious by cutting cards from sheets, spam advertising, weighing packs, fake stamps, chance listings (with no actual chance), fake listings, and the good old “never played” with whitening and creases condition.

Ultimately, the community as a whole is wonderful. The people who are scamming are kept at a safe distance in major communities. It requires a lot of patience to deal with them at times, but when they come into forums like this, or the gym, they are extinguished and the focus returns to what it should be, actually collecting and valuing the hobby.

We should had figured that ShadowLugia was DarkPersian because he was showing off his Dark Persian error collection

I think I didn’t notice because, outside of making actual trades and purchases, I have a trusting approach to most things. I just let my guard down and enjoy this community and sharing with people I consider my friends. Sometimes that approach gets abused. :confused: