First Leap into PSA

Hey everyone! I’m currently contemplating taking my first leap into the world of PSA within the next week. I’ve never submitted a card to them before, but now seems like a decent time to do so. The current special for August is $5.75/card and I know that with a Platinum membership that you have to submit around 152 cards for the membership + this current August special (excluding the 15 free submissions) to be a better deal than just sending in the cards in a bulk order. My question is do other deals get much lower than that? I plan on submitting several hundred-thousands of cards over the next year and potentially longer, so I feel like I definitely need a membership, but is now the right time with the current special?


I’ve only been PSA grading for a year now so I can only speculate on the trends I’ve seen during that period.
I would definitely send cards in to PSA right now. Without monthly specials the best price you can hope for is $7.00 per card when you send in 100 or more. Bulk shipping is the next best option because they take off .50 from the lowest price during that month (bulk 100 or cheapest monhtly special). You need 500 cards in order to qualify for the that deal. So now looking at $5.75 compared to the $7.00. You would save $125 dollars sending in just 100 cards. Instead of doing the 15 free CC (Unless you have several cards with higher declared values) just sign up for the 6 Free CC membership.

The rates are only going to go in one direction. The prices have increased over the last few years. The “estimated” turn around times have also slightly increased. The August deal you mentioned is most likely the lowest deal for the year.

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Great, thanks guys!

They almost always have good specials but I remember good deals in december. You might as well start now since you are going to have to wait nearly 3 months for a big order to come back.

True, that’s what I was thinking.