First Edition Zapdos Pictures

Hey guys if you could help with what you think this could get with a PSA submission + the value of it currently that would be awesome!

Sorry for the three posts but couldn’t put them all into one. Thanks for the help



I would give it a 8-9 lending toward the middle.

Looks like an 8 to me.

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8-9 but it is hard to tell from a photo. A photo can’t really make a card look worse than it is too often, sometimes if anything it just occludes some imperfections. I would say $125-$250 range depending on grade at the high end of retail.


Could very well be an 8, that white spot on one of the edges really disturbs me, not sure how PSA looks at that.

Looks like an 8 to 8.5. As others have said + the wear on the top front edge & surface of the card detracts from scoring the mint 9 grade.

Thanks for the responses

Looks like a PSA 9, value around $225 if it could get that grade.