Fellow Aussies help me out?

Hey everyone. Looking for a few cards at the moment. Prefer to purchase in Aus but if you’re one of those overseas ebay stores with a big chunk of what i’m after but can never purchase as GSP jacks it all up too much lmk. Would prefer to do a few cards at a time, particulalry for the less valuable ones.

Looking for english nm/m cards, send me a pm if you have anything i’m looking for. Can pay through Paypal, prices AUD. If theres no price I havnt got to it yet.

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@milhouse might have something?

I have the R/S and Dragon Frontiers, but in sets.

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are there a lot of aussies on this forum?

3-5 active members, I think.


Not /too/ many in proportion to members from USA.

Yeah numbers are definitely skewed to the USA

Sorry mate, I don’t think I’ll have any of the cards you’re after. I’ll take a look though and let you know if I do.

Cheers, appreciate it.

fair dinkim, streuth mate…

won’t be buying from those gypo’s in America ey.

I need to do a u-ey back to the servo and grab some durries along the way.

ROFL! can we all just talk aussie in this thread please!!.

Oh and to the point of the matter, Yes, I can definitely help you with WOTC singles. I really would like to find someone in Aus who can trade wotc holograms cheap for my set building.


I think I need an adult

Cool, send me a PM with what you have and what you’re after, I havn’t got a lot of spare old stuff but happy to have a look.

If anyone in aus ever needs any japanese base, jungle or gym series cards to complete sets I have bulk I’m willing to send out :blush:

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Bump, added some wants from dp and platinum

bump base 2 holos.