Fates Collide Blisters Checklane & 3-Pack

Does anybody have the 3-Pack photos yet? I am curious for preorders and they are usually out by now

Wow, those ones look very uninspiring. Nothing on the Umbreon/Pikachu or useful cards we got with the last set

Thanks everyone! I guess this is more of a showing thread for Fates Collides now haha

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I am just glad they are Black Star promos. I have so many extra Pyroar and Hydreigon left over

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True, I do like expanding my XY Black Star promo set, although I must admit the new prerelease promo structure will be an unnecessary expense. 4-8 promos for every new set depending on the number of BS promos in blisters is just too much. Then tins come out roughly as often as new sets, so that’s 7-11, and a collection box of some kind which adds 1 or 2 promos taking it up to 8-13 promos every 3 months. (Not even taking 20th anniversary boxes into account, then we’re looking at 12-17 every 3 months).

It’s just a bit too much imo, killing promos

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This is what the japanese have for promos. I think they might have even more that the 12-17. I like having more cards outside the sets and similar to what the japanese have. It makes english collecting more exciting.

Theirs are distributed in a more interesting manner though and often cheaper for them to collect. Where they have loads of different tournament promos, we get them all shoved into £20 boxes or £12 tins.

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This so much - there should be far more ways to receive promos in English. Buying tins and boxes each set is just not exciting at all in regards to the promos themselves. At least the TRU, GAME, and Target promotions require going out to grab one.