Error Charmeleon??? Not sure, would like your opinions.

Hi! I found 2 Charmeleon cards that have an odd possible error. I am not sure how to upload a picture of them though. Can anyone help me with that?

You can try using an image hosting site like imgur or imgbb and post the link to the image here.


Acetone is one hell of a drug.


That is what I thought too. But in the close up it appears that the lettering has not been faded on the spots that there is no red. Also, there is no damage to the cards. I have tried acetone on some other cards, but would not be able to get the same results. Do you honestly think it is acetone? The person must have been VERY dedicated to stay within the yellow edges and around some lettering.

Also, it is a non holo card so it is really easy to damage the card as you use the acetone.

I figured these cards took chemical damage and then I noticed the text over some of the white. WTF is this??? What are you selling them for?

Not selling them as of now.

Yes, I was extremely confused as well. Better yet, the two cards have matching boarders on the error. Somewhere there might of been 2 more with white on the top of the cards. I did not see these other 2 error cards as I was looking through the cards where I was buying them from.

How much do you think they would be worth?

I have a hard time see how this error could happen during the printing but I also have a hard time believing someone was able to create this error post-production.

The fact that it’s on two cards is neat. Assuming it’s a factory error, they must have been side-by-side on a sheet and probably printed for the theme deck. I’m still not completely convinced it’s a factory error though

I am not sure either. If you come up with any other thoughts, let me know. I did not open the package that the cards were in, so you never know. I just cannot see how it could have been done post production.

Just figured out how to quote someone. Please read above post.

Looked into it a little more. I found these two related examples:
(Section on Misprints Missing Ink)

I feel more confident that this may be a legitimate error

For what it’s worth, I have seen these defects before. Several times. Surely they are factory damaged.

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Very interesting! I go through a lot of cards, so I see quite a few errors, mostly small spots of accumulated ink, nothing too horribly special, but every now and then I find things like this! Thanks for sharing. I have a few other errors I may share on here, but this was the most interesting one that I have as of now.

I have been coming across a bunch of holo error cards where the reflective holo is over the whole holo or reverse card. I take it that this is a very common error for the sun and moon sets?

I like how you say damaged instead of error.


Bingo lol.

It’s kinda like those ink drop errors, but in this case it’s more than just a drop. Since the borders are fine, I’m pretty sure this happened during the printing process and they ended up in packs. Pretty cool you have two of them.
Reminds me a bit of these below, of which the owner unfortunately doesn’t respond to me anymore after he agreed to sell them to me. :neutral_face: :angry:

With these below you can still kinda see the artworks underneath, so it probably has less ink on top of them than your Charmeleons.


Very interesting!!! Thanks for the share. It is nice to see that this is an actual error. How much is this type of error usually worth?