Enkay’s Mudkip Collection

Brocks Mudkip

My favorite artwork. It took me a relatively long time to find an unpeeled sheet with which the card was distributed in elementary school magazines in 2003

Japanese Gold Star Mudkips (unlimited print run)
I got my first unlimited gold star Mudkip because my original goal was to own a card of every version (english & japanese). However, after i put the unlimited print run next to my first edition, i noticed the slight color difference and fell in love with the unlimited version. In addition, I thought it was incredibly cool to own one of the 25 (now there are 27) psa graded Mudkips. I then asked myself how difficult it would be to get another one and wrote to many accounts that I admire on instagram, which I assumed could help me.
Through the search i met a lot of cool people, was able to network and of course it didn’t stop after the second :smile:

Mudkip signatures
As part of the autograph hype 2022, I had the opportunity to have some Mudkips signed. At this point I would like to thank everyone who helped me. I was there in person for two of Arita‘s autographs and it was an incredible experience.

Mudkip Promos

Searching for promos influenced my attitude towards my collection. While at first i really wanted to own every Mudkip in japanese and english, i quickly realized that there are also limits (the Art academy daisuke Mudkip). Accordingly, I have long considered whether I am at all satisfied with a collection that I will most likely never be able to complete as I would actually like.

More Mudkips


I love this! Mudkip is my second favorite Pokemon, and Mudkip Gold Star is my second favorite card, so I absolutely love the collection so far! Thanks for sharing!


Such a lovely collection, very impressive,
I know the days i was hunting my shiny mudkip in emerald, only to discover cuz of dry battery i was never able to get it, very nice pokemon, cute too

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Beautiful collection! Love those gold stars

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Wow, really nice collection showcase and really nice cards. Those Brock’s Mudkip cards are so awesome, not to mention in such a high grade condition is extremely rare to find. I understand the pain to find a decent copy, let alone some mint versions. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.


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Contrary to popular belief Mudkip was my first Gen 3 starter when I was a kid hehe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Such an amazing collection and the autograph portion is incredible! @enkaycards What are your goals in species collecting? Are you going for a master set?

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Funfact about me: my first starter was a torchic @Tapp :smile: As I’ll probably never be able to complete a full Master Set (due to the Art Academy Mudkip) i decided to just buy some mudkips from time to time and let the collection slowly grow. I’m still unsure whether I want to collect all different print runs / holo patterns or just at least one per artwork

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Very nice, congrats! Love the Brock’s Mudkip!

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Beautiful cards, @enkaycards! I especially love the Poké Card Creator Mudkip. So goofy and cute. :heart_eyes_cat:

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Update: had the chance to meet Arita in France at Legala and finalized my English / Japanese Arita mudkip autograph collection

There are two common english cards due to the different codes on the bottom left.