English WOTC pokemon booster box display case

Hi guys, i remember seeing some post regarding a perfect fitting acrylic display case for english WOTC booster boxes but cant seem to find the post. Could someone link me to the thread? Or to the seller who sells them? Thanks in advance :blush:

I’ll send you a PM in the morning when I can access my computer. I’ll warn you early though. The guy selling them is super slow, hasn’t been truthful about when he posted his items and I’m still waiting for my case despite it being weeks since I ordered.


Ya, its going to take you 2 months to get it. They are nice, but its suuuuuch a headache to get them. he is on Instagram under the name Worldofnerdydtuff.


Slight correction to the above;


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What would you guys pay for a product like this?

Assuming it was made and sold with professionalism by a trustworthy individual and/or company.

2 months for the case? Wow, that is a loooong time. DO you guys think that customizing a case yourself would be faster? Oh and i dont have instagram so that side of the market is void to me haha.

I paid $35 USD shipped for it. wasn’t to bad.

ooops thanks for the correction didnt notice that.

id pay the 35 shipped again to be honest.

I have been buying my cases at the dollar tree actually. I was tipped off to them by rusty in one of his videos, literally $1 sturdy plastic cases that you can place perfectly inside so the name of the box is facing you. They barely move and are very cost effective!

I’ve also had trouble with his shipping :confused: He sent me the wrong protectors for Beyblade products and I paid him for the shipping of replacements but I still haven’t gotten them now even though it’s been over half a year. He always says that he “Will ship tomorrow” or similar but never does…

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Sounds very fishy considering he said ‘will ship tomorrow’ even after half a year, that’s 6 months! Might look for custom made acrylic cases instead of from this seller.

I’ve put a word in with a friend who runs a makerspace in Canada. I wrote up a project plan and am looking at what types of estimates are available for creating a similar product (perhaps better for display; those screws look nasty).

Might be able to meet this need for the whole community if people can be patient. :blush:

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I thought it was just me.

I hate the aesthetics of that case. Lol. You’re not alone.

One listing literally just pop up 2 hours ago on eBay.