Ecard Lottery Promotional Cards

Hello everyone!
I was wondering if anyone here could help me out. I have come across a card that is part of a Japanese Promo, known as E-card Lottery. (correct me if I’m wrong). Specifically, Charizard 014/p. A quick Google search didn’t reveal much information on the set, and though I personally don’t own these cards, I was hoping someone here knew a bit of background information about them, as well values of the cards and their current market. If you guys could help me out with the value and market of the Charizard in PSA 9 and in PSA 10, it would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance. :grin:

This is my first ever post on the forum, so let me know if this is the wrong place to ask this question.

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This may help to give you an idea. There’s also 2 currently on ebay for about $560USD. I’d say that’s about a fair price for the charizard in a PSA 10. I’m sure you can even talk down the sellers a bit on that as well.


Here’s the relevant information from Bulbapedia:

In Japan, the card was reprinted as a Cosmos Holofoil P Promotional card, and was one of three cards available as part of the Starter Triple Get Campaign . The Starter Triple Get Campaign required people collect 3 proof of purchase seals from Pokémon-e Starter Decks (only 1 was present on each deck), and send them to the Pokémon Company affixed to a postcard. Five lotteries were held during the campaign period, which ran from December 1, 2001 until April 30, 2001. 2,000 sets of cards were distributed to drawn entrants in each lottery, making a total of 10,000 sets available. 5,000 of these were Red Green Course sets, which contained this card, Venusaur, and Blastoise. The other 5,000 were Gold Silver Course sets, containing Meganium, Feraligatr, and Typhlosion. The lotteries were held on December 31, 2001; January 31, 2002; February 28, 2002; March 30, 2002; and April 30, 2002.

The prices are very unstable on these cards. For PSA 10, the Charizard tends to sell between $350 on the low end and maybe $550ish on the high end? If you’re patient you will probably save a lot of money. The other two sell between $100 and $200. I’m still looking for the Venusaur myself. Its definitely best to wait for an auction to go low for these, the past few months a lot have hit Ebay in auctions. I don’t know much about the 9 prices.

Good luck and welcome to e4 :blush:


These cards are so beautiful. 1st time I see them, no joke!

I have to start collecting some of these Japanese exclusives.

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Thanks for the welcome and the info. I really appreciate it!!

Exactly what I thought!! I was surprised as well that I hadn’t run into them in the past.

This card was also printed in the english expedition set as well non-holo and reverse holo - they will definitely be cheaper, easier to find than this version.

Can’t beat the cosmos holofoil though XD

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I remember years ago finding my set of those cards for dirt cheap on yahoo auctions japan. they are one of my first even lottery promo I got from japan and kept looking at them for ages


Just wondering… Were you thinking of buying one or something? Where did you hear about them and what made you interested in this card set specifically? :blush:

Good question. I actually found a selling post for one somewhere for a psa 9 Charizard. I found the card looking super cool and never seen it before. There weren’t many prices for it and I couldn’t make up my mind as to if it was worth its price. Plus I was a little curious in general lol.